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wariors 1hit the boss?

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I don't know why the devs listen to making class all like rogues, then what's the point of class system?

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It looks like things have gone way too far to go back and try balance classes, so the best way to "balance" things is to make classes similar with one another. I think that's why we're seeing a boost of Damage for all classes, and less importance to things such as Tanking or being the Support/Healer or whatever. Basically, minimizing the differences and giving every class what we all want, which is Damage. Personally I'd be fine with all this as long as it is consistent in future releases too.

As for the system, I think it's up to them to decide how they do it. Do they keep all 3 classes and keep going like this? Or merge them all into one class at some point? XD

Maybe let us use all gears of all other classes and just have different bodies? Huhuhuhu.
I understood your point but. you know tank, tank, mage does crowd control and rogue have expensive gears and best against bosses just my opinon about the current situation of classes but overall I'm happy with everyone

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