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I've been very busy with me wanting to become a music conductor/director and haven't had time off to play PL DL or even SL. But I'm loving it! And the kids love me as an assistant director, and as a full time instructor! (Yay! Me)

Our band (and I'm proud of saying it like that) has grown in maturity for the most part. They know how dedicated I am as well as my mentor. We have had two concerts this week (one for each school I'm teaching at), and so far so good. But, this is only the start and the kids are more and more into it. It's gotten to the point where they ask me for advice on playing their instruments, and are beginning to understand that I'm there to help them!

I never thought that I would have come this far but I have, and I know I'm willing and capable of continuing my race to become the best director I can be. It's also funny when kids see me play tuba and out of nowhere I play electric bass, and the next day I play clarinet. In amazement they ask "how many instruments do you know how to play?!" All I say to them is "a lot just wait and see ;]"

I'm finally doing what I love! And sure it's hard work, for example this week :
Monday was beginning band practice after school
Tuesday: after school concert
Wednesday: marching band practice
Today (Thursday): another concert
Tomorrow (Friday): drumline practice
Saturday: another concert (and a trip to Great America! It's an amusement park after the concert)
And finally Sunday my only day off!

All in all it's an excellent internship type of job I got atm but no complaints so far.

And to my fellow guildies I love you all and for the support I get from you guys/gals.

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  1. Siejo's Avatar
    We are proud of you buddy and we miss you lots!!!
  2. saool's Avatar
    Aw thank you!

    And it was great talking with you, Bladess, and Kiwi last night. I miss you guys a lot!
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  4. saool's Avatar
    I have no idea what the bot meant lmao...aside from listen to Judas...imo
  5. Jig's Avatar
    Good Saool!!