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Need Help with Jewel Farming

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Lv76 Tank with glint aegis + speedset (not necessary but helps a little bit.)

Run timekeepers crypt (elite mauso)

Run straight, right, skip boss, left, left again, then go around the bend and up to the corner where you see 2 of those purple mages. Wait for them to spawn the purple orbs which keep the mobs alive.

Use Immortal ulti and tank build with windmill and jugg, and magma AA.
You're gonna have to time your Ulti/Heal/Jugg very well after eachother because those keep you alive. If you time them well to activate one after the other, by the time you've used the 3rd skill the 1st one will be off cooldown again. it takes practice.

You can stay in that spot for about 30mins max because the mobs don't die due to the aforementioned purple orbs.

With this method I get 50-60 weak jewels per elixir, and 600k profit in an hour.

Nowadays gold farming in Deep Marsh and Elite valley gates are much more profitable and fun, jewel farming can get repetitive but you don't need a really expensive set for it.

Imo, if you got about 30m to spend, farm with gold loot

if you have max 10-15m, jewel farm until you can afford a gold loot set.

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