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Fairness of SL Game

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I might be a customer or a Little indian under Game Designers and Moderators and Developers just recently i had another friend banned 3 days off game was told a Designer sided with the wrong player i heard the Excuse used Oh they probably deserved it well i got screenshots of SL taunting players names too reason i writing this blog i wanna hear how many other customers are being done this way time to speak up talk to me 🤔 lets hear you alls opinions i got the proof got pictures 50 of them. This game is for us not chosen chiefs that control it. lets hear you alls opinions 💯

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  1. Jedibombom's Avatar
    Like to say you all comment on this blog you having issues this place to show it lets hear your comments??????
  2. Jedibombom's Avatar
    I Also like to say i was a Junior Member player on the Forum now i a member Reason is Fushiro or Cinco banned me 3 days trying to text for recovery player help both were on chatbox like to say either you all need players or you use bots that are digital non thinkers its either our game together or the Game Chiefs be lonely with only digital bots.