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Chynnah's Guide to Solo EVG Rogue

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Items Needed:
All items must have Dex/BD/ED awakes
Priority of awakes of items are BD/ED or pure ED


Immortal Corruption Dagger (optional)
Duggar Death Engine Dagger
Ebon Glade Blades of Triumph

Duggar's Death Engine Bow

Any Helm

Sunken Death Engine Dress
Ebon Glade Tunic of Shadow

Hidden Settlers Rope Belt
Wrangler's Silk Sash of Gallantry (optional)
Three Headed Belt of the Slayer

Hidden Loamstride Ringlet
Sunken Harvester's Band (optional)
Swamp Thing's Band of Shadow

Hidden Pendant of the Vale
Outlaw's Sunset Pendant of the Valley (optional)
Altar Guard's Bauble of Shadow

Valley Talisman of the Fade
Infested Artifact of Shadow

25% Damage Reduction Elixer
30% Damage Elixer
Cryostar Awakening Gem
Orc Shaman Effigy
Dark Apostle Bomb

Passive ability: Any
Happiness Bonus: Armored Zhulong, Yinshe, Arcanite Loveling or other pets that has BD/ED/Damage/Damage Reduction
Arcane Ability: Glowstick, Nekro, Mephisto or other pets that has damage reduction or shield

Immo Dagg - Ebon Armor - Arc71 (optional)
Duggar Dagg - Ebon Armor - Arc76
Ebon Dagg - Sunken Armor - Arc71
Duggar Bow - Sunken Armor - Hidden76

0. Use Dark bomb at start of wave. (optional)
1. Lure mobs while trying to proc Immo Dagger Set , if no proc just use AA of pet so you will not die or just have a set without Immo Dagger for luring mobs, without causing proc of other Daggers.
2. Switch to Duggar Dagger Set, and when it procs switch to Ebon Dagger Set to clear mobs fast.
3. Switch to Duggar Bow Set / Duggar Dagger Set / Ebon Dagger Set to kill spiders and boss.
4. Use ultimate only on Boss.

BD: Boss Damage
ED: Elite Damage

For questions:
pm or mail me
ign: Chynnah

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