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New sea boss machanic

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WALK over all 5 pillars in the center of the chamber, yes its not bugged

1) fires a beam that does heavy damage
2) shoot a sharkfin at a random party member and create a shark pool upon impact
(maximum of one pool can exist at a time)
triggered) grant invincibility and constantly spawn bug when heath falls
below 80% and 50% and 20% (approx)

Shark pool: any entity in the pool gain a shield that even the lightest boop one shots you
Bugs: periodically combust unless killed when reached center, does a lot of damage

Tip: do not touch mobs or boss with yelow shield, and always keep a distance as
if you are too close, the pool might spawn under the boss and rip everyone



Fight your way through a short tunnel

1) attack in a forward fan direction
2) attack everyone around him and stun
3) eats a person get a reflection shield

Reflection shield: covers himself in a red mist and reflect a lot of damage

Tip: pretty easy to brute force, not that much trick can be used...
The reflection shield is quite hard to identify but can be if one looks carefully,
It last a long time too, but unlike shark boy, this reflection is nullified by
Invincibility skills



Stay in the red alter for a brief moment

1) spit green, homing balls that span a small zone of poison upon impact
2) put purple circle on player that does damage over time
3) curse one player and they will die in the next 10-20s
4) tentacle slashes, indicated by red zone
5) spawn a wave of slugs when health falls below 50%
6) put potion debuff and damage overtime for all player when heslth
falls below 10%

Green ball: tend to target the player further away
Curse: will be removed once boss is no longer aggro at that player
Potion debuff: unable to use potion

Tip: the most annoying part of this fight is definitely the green ball,
upon impact, creates a pool that one shots people without proper protection
and last the entire game. One way to deal with that is to let the player
"Park" those pools in the corner of the map by walking over there when
chased by green ball.
For the person who got cursed, just dont attack and
stay away you will be ok.
When the boss spawns stuff at 50% health, its best to kill small slime first
Because they are green and can hide the deadly one shotting pool,
also they do hurt a lot, even more than the big one
When the boss puts poison and potion debuff below 10%, use something like
glowstik, sns that can heal to buy yourself more time

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