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B Flat Major Scale

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I've learned that some students don't like this scale. Unfortunately, the last note (counting to eight) makes it the "tunning" note. They complain that it's too high (in their register), which isn't. And some have actually complained to the principal. Saying that I'm "disciplining them too harshly!"

As a musician, and if you wanted to play professionally you have to know how to tune. But because of the principal in the middle school (one of the 2) I'm teaching at. They can't learn their scale properly. I can't teach properly. I have to teach "after school" because I'm not allowed to "discipline."

This makes me sad only because what's next your kids can't eat anything that's not organic? And I grew up eating nothing but organic foods. Honestly I love the fact that I have a strict practice schedule (3 hours minimum) of playing my instrument. Otherwise I wouldn't be half as good as I am. But the parents are more ignorant than an ape. I ate all organic foods, and kept it that way. My students that are old enough (pardon the word) are pisssssed.

All they tell me is teach me more without them knowing...which I can't without parent consent.

It's like saying mages can't use their spells.
I can't teach like this.
And I love my duty. I honestly do. But some people are way too selfish to understand.

So until some parents learn that their kids love what I teach, I can't teach properly.

Quid pro quo....

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  1. Irulelol's Avatar
    Lol I cant believe that because it is very easy to play. I've played clarinet and now playing bass clarinet and it was very easy to learn with a litrle practice. now the upper octave was a different story but hey, some things are harder than others. Sounds to me its just laziness
  2. Kaytar's Avatar
    how is that harsh? I'll never understand that saool. What sections are complaining?
  3. saool's Avatar
    Yeah they are lazy!

    And all of them are...
  4. Irulelol's Avatar
    lol even the percusion?!?!?! xD so u talkin bout just the scale or the thirds also?
  5. saool's Avatar
    Even percussion lmao
    And the scale in different octaves.
  6. Dazamo's Avatar
    Teach them Stairway to Heaven and Free Bird. That's all people want to know anyways.
  7. saool's Avatar
    Haha ikr!

    Don't get me wrong I like to play metal on my bass haha
  8. OvigorothO's Avatar
    wow lol...thats pretty sad. kids are complaining because of the pitch of the scale? where do you live?