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What we would like to see in Winterfest 2021

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Just like a flash of lightning 2021 has already arrived at its tail end and what a year it's been . There have been a lot of great events so far this year and we're grateful for everything that we've gotten in terms of new additions to the game so thank you cinco and the rest of the development team .
That said I wanted to come forward with a few suggestions for things that we the players would love to see in Winterfest this year and hopefully you can take these into consideration and implement them so we have a winterfest to remember with smiles . Starting off , the first thing we would all love to see is :
• ¶Different gameplay format : Winterfest last year was great don't get me wrong , we were able to get some nice new sets for farming and PvP as well and we're grateful for those but in all honesty the escort events where we have to guard the coffin isn't exactly what many players enjoy , to be frank it's tedious and people get sick of doing the event after a few days so instead of bringing that back I'd like to suggest that the format be changed from escort coffin to a defense type event kind of like the part 2 of the fel taras event where we have to protect the coffin from 5 waves of ghouls and wolves with vamp elders but in this case it'll be 5 waves of hunters with the boss coming in the final wave and this would be better IMO because it would be much faster to do and enjoyable as well cause I mean it's a holiday event and I believe that it should be easy and fun for all , not tedious and boring and that brings me to my second point which is :
¶•Introduction of crate keys and crafting of gems:
You spoke about this with those of us who were in the dark legends discord server last year and although we didn't get that in last year's event , we would love to see it this year . For the crafting aspect we could drop crafting components in the event zone which could be traded to an NPC in the vampire district to transform the appearance of the burning blood gem , dark shadow , immortal moon and sunrise beast gems respectively and probably also bump up the stats a bit because due to the fact that they've dropped so much especially from treasure chests they've lost value and even when they're forged with either high goldloot or damage they don't sell for much anymore so a small stat bump would be highly appreciated on them as well as them probably getting a new frosty look since it'll be based on winter although this would only be available during winterfest and then after that the NPC will not be available to craft the gems anymore so any of those gems that doesn't get crafted during the event will stay the same with their default stats and look. As for the crate keys, they could come in handy to open new treasure chests that will be dropped in the event zone but the keys could come as a reward for completing every 5 waves alongside the tokens so that way it's less complicated but if these things are implemented it'll keep event participation high this year and it won't be like winterfest has always been in previous years where only a few people actually play and the rest are just goofing around in club sanctuary after they buy the weather sets for platinum .
¶•Corpse garden and the gold payout of the event zone: I know that this has been a topic of discussion amongst players and debated as to whether or not it should return or be made or not made free again but for the progress of the game and since we're slowly moving away from all things old town related for big events I don't think that corpse garden should be brought back again . If anything it has served its purpose and should be retired permanently but instead what would be best to do is to make the gold payout of the event zone pretty high just like it is in the zone of the part 2 of the fel taras event, not crazy high but high enough that those who farm long and hard enough over the course of the 2 weeks can make a good amount of gold to start rhe new year with because in all honesty those of us who are legit farmers have always waited for Winterfest to get some good gold to start the new year with but while we would still love to have that it's time to just retire the corpse garden this year and instead make the event zone to pay good gold so that those who will really play the event can get something for their time even if they don't get to drop whatever new items may be introduced. That said , the final thing we'd love to see during winterfest this year would be :

•¶New weapons and sets along with the return of the weather sets : We've had New weapons come every winterfest since the level cap was raised to 51 and we'd still love to have a few new weapons added . Someone suggested that the very first elder weapons (ravagers , cleavers and elder hellscream) be refurbished and brought back for winterfest so rather than having golden buzzsaw particles on them they could still retain the same design but with frost instead and then have their attack speed and other stats bumped to make them useful for use in either pve or PvP . As for the weather sets we would love those to still come back for platinum this year and maybe a white north set addition since a lot of people want that recolour along with a frosty white glass mask , that would be highly appreciated

These are just a few things that we would like to have for Winterfest 2021 and hopefully we get to see most if not all of these things done for winterfest this year . Once again thank you for the work you've done so far this year and we hope you make this happen for us so that we can end 2021 on a high

Dante .

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