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I can't believe it's been 2 years!

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2 years ago today I stumbled upon a game that would capture my attention. A long time ago I used to play another MMO called Phantasy Star Online. It was my first MMO and the experience was amazing. It was all thanks to my lil bro who introduced me to it. Shortly after that Sega decided to shut down the servers due to low subscriptions. This left me looking for another MMO to soothe my taste for online gameplay.

I would check the App Store occasionally for new releases to see if anything compared to PSO. On Friday June 11 2010, I had gotten off of work and was ready for the weekend off. I decided to search the App Store and noticed this game called Pocket Legends. Looking at the preview screen shots I wasn't convinced it would be any good. It had a 4 star rating and the one thing that stood out was "Free to play MMO". I downloaded it and figured what the hell it is free.

I was hooked! It started off rocky but soon I found myself logging in multiple times a day. I didn't quite make founders since I joined 2 months after the cutoff but I still have been around long enough to see STS grow and evolve. Now here I am 2 years later still playing the game I almost passed up. Here are some random pics from my collection of 400+ photos.

Class Selection Screen

World Map

Monkey Mage (not my pic simply posted for memories)

Old UI

PL's 1st Halloween Event

PL's 1st X-Mas Event

PL's 1st B-Day Party

PL's 1st Easter Event

Real Names of the Birds

ARG is Born

My Time as Ambassador

Kicking off BCA Event 2011

All STS Games

Thank you STS for 2 years of fun. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us as time goes by.

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  1. byserk's Avatar
    Hey my brother,

    Grats again on ur personal anniversary!! As if time flies or real. Glad to be part of the many memories.

    Cya in PL.

    Grtz, B.
  2. Snakespeare's Avatar
    I had my two-year yesterday, too. Happy Anniversary!
  3. Siejo's Avatar
    We should have a big party!
  4. Samhayne's Avatar
    Good stuff guys, thanks for joining us for the ride of our lives!
  5. Siejo's Avatar
    Thanks Sam for all the memories ^_^