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The lv10-17 Dex Bear Twinks' Guide!

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Hello there its Zealtwink and here's my PvP guide for l10-17 Dex Bears.

PvP counts on both gears and luck. Gears are really important for PvP , without them you can't even hurt the pro's a little. I'll say that good gears are really expensive. Now , let's start.

# I strongly recommend buying a plat pack.
Gears for Lv10-14:
Lv5 Artisan OR Lv5 Expert OR Lv10 Snipers / Jewel thief's Leather ( From Lv10 Dex Plat 4-Item Pack ) / Dark Forest Leathers ( Would be better if it's pink ) OR Lv10 Pink PJs ( Strength or Dex , up to you ).
Lv10 Talon from Plat Pack OR Lv10 Duckfoots or tinsels ( If you can't afford a pink one , a purple one will do. ) OR Lv10 5 Plat Bling Flinger.
Lv10 Snipers or Jewel thief's Helm.
Lv10 Pink Sled OR Lv10 Snipers / Jewel thief's Wing.

Different people uses different gears. You should try and see which type of gears are suitable for you. For higher hit% use Sniper's Wing instead of Pink Sled. For higher Crit use Expert instead of Artisan or Sniper's Leather. And for higher DMG and DPS use Duckfoots or Launchers.

Gears for Lv15-17:
# You can still use the equipments mentioned above but these gears mentioned below these are better options for l15-17.
## Instead of repeating those mentioned above I'll just type those which weren't.

Lv15 Artisan OR Lv15 Expert.
Lv15-17 Pink Talons ( depending on your level ) OR Lv15 Tinsels OR Lv15 Launchers OR Lv 15-17 Crossbows.
Lv10 Sniper's or Jewel thief's helm as either of them gives really good stats at that level.
Lv15 Peppermint Wings OR Lv15 Gingerbread Defender. ( Get at least the purple version of these or stick to Sniper's Wing. )

Now to the Builds!

Before that I must say that RAGE is a must-max skill for Bears. Without them your attacks would be like scratches. Stomp is a must-have too.

Lv10 Build:
6 Rage, 2 Stomp, 1 Super Mega Slash ( SMS ).
Lv11 Build:
6 Rage, 3 Stomp, 1 SMS.
Lv12 Build:
6 Rage, 3 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 Vengeful Slash ( against other bears, I recommend this one ) OR 1 Crippling Slash ( Good against kiters when they get close )
Lv13 Build:
6 Rage, 4 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS / CS.
6 Rage, 3 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS, 1 CS.
# With 4 stomp the enemy is more likely to get debuff. With more slashes you'll deal more damage. It's up to you.
Lv14 Build:
6 Rage, 5 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS / CS.
6 Rage, 4 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS, 1 Cs.
Lv15 Build:
6 Rage, 6 Stomp, 2 SMS.
6 Rage, 6 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS / CS.
6 Rage, 5 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 VS, 1 CS.
Lv16 Build:
6 Rage, 6 Stomp, 2 SMS, 1 VS / CS. ( Offensive Build. )
6 Rage, 6 Iron Blood, 2 Stomp, 1 SMS. ( Defensive Build. )
6 Rage, 3 Iron Blood, 3 Stomp, 1 SMS, 1 CS, 1 VS. ( Balanced Build. I don't like it though. )
Lv17 Build:
6 Rage, 6 Iron Blood, 3 Stomp, 1 SMS. ( Defensive. )
6 Rage, 6 Stomp, 2 SMS, 1 VS, 1 CS. ( Offensive. )

That's about it for builds. Now , strategies!!

At low lv PvP you'll find that 85% of the pro's are bears and 10% are mages. 5% for Birds as they are the weakest class until at least Lv16.

Strategies Against Bears.

Keep this in mind. ALWAYS BUFF RAGE AND IRON BLOOD ( IF YOU HAVE IT ) BEFORE FIGHTING. This is really important and you should buff whenever the cooldown's done. After you and your opposing bear both buffed , walk a little towards your enemy. When you think the range's just right for your stomp , do not fear , just stomp. When you tap or press on the stomp skill you should also tap or press SMS immediately. It'll take some time and experience before you can do a perfect stomp-slash combo but don't give up. If you landed the combo on your enemy first, run to him immediately and spam all the slashes you have. But if your combo missed , try to run a little away from your enemy and wait for stomp and slash to be cooled down. Another thing , always have your auto on!
For snowball launchers or duckfoot , try to keep the range just nice for you to fire snowballs. Also try not to let talon users auto you. When the freeze proc appears , walk a little close and STOMP! Boom! GG.

Strategies against Mages.

Same thing , buff before the fight. If you have Lv15 Snowball Launcher use it against mages. If you don't , you can either use Lv10 Duckfoots or Crossbows. If you want some challenges you can also use talons , I don't recommend it though. Crossbows are Mage Killers. It is really hard to kite Crossbow-ers. It's sort of easy , rage , auto , stomp when you're close enough and GG.

Strategies against Birds.

For the birds under Lv16 it's as easy as ABC to kill them. For 16+ Birds , be careful as they already have the cruel blast combo. Normally against birds I'll rush as close as possible to them and spam my skills. I believe this is the best way against birds. They count a lot on luck to dodge and if they ran out of luck , it's your victory,

Took me 2 Hours , Good Luck Everyone!

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