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**Healthy Legends - Water**

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It makes up more than 90% of the earth. It is the main environment for many animals. We use it to generate electricity, as transportation, and to sustain life. It is water.

I had to ponder my first topic for a few days. With rising temperatures of the summer and all the outdoor activites we do during this time of year, I felt we needed to dive into (literally and figuratively) this topic. It may not be as exciting as sone of the other topics we will discuss, but I feel it is essential our community understands the importance of this vital life substance.

The Chemical Makeup.

In each of these posts, I will add a little "science" introduction to give an educational foundation to what we are dealing with. Water is made upbof 3 molecules: 2 hydrogen (H), one oxygen (O). Thus, we get the famous chemical makeup H2O. Water can be formed tbrough condenseation. This process occurs when there is enough heat in a given atmosphere to produce moisture to fall from that atmosphere and collect in a given area. This is is how rain is generally formed. (I understand the process is much more complicated but I choose to keep it simple for this discussion.) Water can also come from other objects, such as snow and icebergs (this is point of origin for many rivers, streams, and even the oceans.)

Why we need it.

Now that we have a general idea of what water is and where it comes from, we need to focus on the purpoae ofbthe thread: Why do we need it?

We all know we need water hydration. When you are not hydrated your body cannot function, especially at this time of year. Our bodies are made of approximately 75% water, so when you lose it through work, exercise, or heat, your body needs it replinished. The human body is remarkable in it's ability to maintain and replace vital elements needed to survive. However, it cannot reproduce water and needs us to aid it.

A lack of hydration can cause you to feel fatigued, both mentally and physically, and can also slow other bodily functions, such as digestion and excretion (bowell movements.) Lack of hydration can also lead to cramps. Did you know that those cramps you get while watching tv or lying in the bed is caused from a lack of water? That's right! That cramp in your little toe while grinding to 71/26/46 is due to you not taking in enough water.

It should also be understood the importance of water while swimming. During these summer months, a lot of us spend a great amount of time in the pool, at the water parks, going to the beach, and diving in the river. Even though you are surrounded by water to keep you cool, your body can STILL sweat. Swimming is just like any other physical activity: you get hot and through that heat, you do sweat. As you sweat, your body loses water and you become dehydrated. You may say "Crim, I don't feel hot and sweaty." Of course you don't, your body is surrounded by water which cools you. It is important to understand how this feeling of "coolness" dis not an indicator of hydration and can be dangerous. You know that cramp youvgot playing PL? Imagine that same cramp while swimming, especially in water over your head.

When should we take it in?

Water consumption is simple: 64oz per day. That is eight 8oz glasses throughout the day. Before you say, "That is a lot!!", how many of you can go to the gas station or your local fast food restaurant and order that large, 32oz drink with your meal?? Drinking the daily requirements for water will also help to supress your appetite, killing manyvof those after and late night cravings. Yes, you can get water from fruits, vegetables, and other foods. However, these are small in comparison to what you body needs daily.


Water. We need it in many different ways, but consumption is the most important. Be sure to get those 8 glasses a day and keep yourself hydrate in this heat!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below. I only ask that your comments/questions are restricted to this topic. Discussion which takes away from the intended usefulness of the thread will be reported.

Remember, this is the beginning. As I am able to gauge the interest and needs from the community, the threads will become more/less detailed based on the topic.

Thanks for the support thus far!

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  1. Suentous PO's Avatar
    lotta info, nice. I drink near lethal amounts of caffeine, so hydration is important for me. side note Earth is 70% water nearly the same as our bodies.
  2. CrimsonTider's Avatar
    You are correct SPO. I misread my data. It states that 96% of the water on earth is salt water. Thanks for redirecting me on that.