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Aaroniero Arruruerie

Hall of Eternity Recruiting

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[QUOTE=BloodyThirsty;697534]Hi. For those who don't know me, I'm [B]BloodyThirsty[/B], and this post will hopefully bring the guild Hall of Eternity more players. Here's some background on the guildRun by [B]Aaronierro[/B]We have [B]group meetings/sessions[/B]Ranks are given according to [B]leadership[/B] and [B]dedication[/B] shown within the guildWe are [B]establishing an army[/B] for the more Skilled/high level playersWe have about [B]400+ guild members[/B]Very good community and [B]always active[/B][B]Anyone[/B] can joinWe have an [B]official website[/B] ([url][/url])[B][U]RULES:[/U][/B]If you [B]leave twice[/B], you [B]CANNOT[/B] come back into the guild ([B]Aaronierro[/B] will soon be making a list of who cannot join)If you [B]disgrace the guild[/B] in any way you will be [B]removed[/B][B]No disrespect to anyone[/B] in the guild, whether it be directed at the GM or another member[B]DO NOT ASK FOR RANK![/B] This annoys [B]Aaronierro[/B] and you will be less likely to get a recruit/officer rank in the future.Other than that, have fun! Hope to see you all soon!Peace.-Thirst[/QUOTE]

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