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The Dark Forest Warrior

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A Warrior of The Dark Forest<br />
<br />
<br />
I detected an opening before he eyed me. I sprang out from the cover of the rock, slid straight under the warrior's horse and shoved my spear violently in between his wheel spokes. Instantly, the hosre flipped, crushing its rider with it. <br />
“One down and some immense number to go,” I jeered under my breath. <br />
I am a warrior, from the bloodline of Giboeth. I lived and grew up in Balefort with my family, who still live there in peace, and also with my great friend Esho the Bear. Esho's parents abandoned him when he was little. So we adopted him. Unlike most of our people, he and I did not crave war; we did it to save lives, and that's where we begin. <br />
That evening after our successful little skirmish, Our troop roved over the miniscule goods that were left behind.<br />
“Esho!” I shouted. “Come check this out.” <br />
He walked over clumsily, tripping over a root. “What?” he replied already interested in some other trinket.<br />
“I have something that might interest you.” I held up a bronze studded belt.<br />
Gleefully he snatched it up and with a frown dropped it. “This must be the hundredth one you have shown me, and for no good reason they are all too small!” he shouted, then slumped his heavy form next to a tree. <br />
“Maybe next time we shall find something to fit you rightly, my majesty,” I joked, then out of good humor he laughed.<br />
“Let's get some rest,” I declared, and everyone around followed in doing so.<br />
I woke with the caw of vultures, who where cruel thieves, in my ear. I knew what this meant, so I rose and awoke Esho. We pulled on our dirty clothes, so as not to be caught sleeping. Eventually, the horn blew and we fell in line to bury the dead bodies from last night's dirty escapade.<br />
“Hagiel, back to work!” my overseer shouted. <br />
“OK, burying a bloodied body with a rough wooden spade is laborious. You should try it sometime,” I muttered viciously. <br />
“Geda,” Esho laughed at another worker, “you should be the one digging. Trying to take out a rock that is five times the size of yourself is folly.” I also started to laugh when the overseer turned. I jumped and started back working. He did not notice me. His gaze was farther off and right then his face showed fear. Silently, He passed out. All of us turned to see the problem. It was a dust cloud in the distance. <br />
“We must go tell the other soldiers.” I thought. We ran. Panting, we did make it back to camp to tell the dreaded news. <br />
“Captain Edgar, sir,” I gasped, “we were going about our work and we noticed a dust cloud ahead.” He gave some orders and flew back to the battle zone. Captain Edagr was a Great Hawk, which are deadly warriors. Sure enough, it was there, but this time it was closer, and the next moment all was a blur. He told me to run back and make a call to arms. I did so, leaving shattering screams of war behind. Then Captain Murdoch, who was gathering soldiers called for me saying, <br />
“Hagiel I know this seems big, but I need you to ride and tell the village of Wakelean of this, so that they can bring us some back up. I have a really bad feeling who we are fighting this time.” I nodded. I started off. Toward the corner of my eye I even saw Esho preparing for battle. Silently I prayed to whatever god was out there for his safety. <br />
Hours dragged by till my run slowed into a jog and my jog turned into a walk. Suddenly, there was a turn in the road and I sagged into a the town trying to find the nearest hut. On finding one I knocked and stepped in. Before barely letting the news out of my mouth, I dropped from weariness. When I awoke I was in a quaint sunlit hut decorated with flowers and healing plants. <br />
“Good morning,” said the woman from behind me. I spun around scrutinizing this strange mystical person. <br />
“Who are you?” I replied weakly. <br />
“Serenet,” she answered.<br />
“Where am I exactly?”<br />
“You are in Wakelean a small farming town south of The dark Forest. You arrived early last night, giving this message of war, by which we are now sending our men and a message to your Out post near the Dark Forest. Thanks to you, of course.” I sat bolt upright worrying about my friends.<br />
“Do you know where the army is, or is headed, at this moment?” I asked.<br />
“The last report we received was that they were heading east, while being pushed back toward the city,” she replied solemnly.<br />
“Thank you for your hospitality,” I asked. “And also do you know were I can get a health pot?”<br />
With that, I was able to set off in less than an hour, running toward the hill of the oak, which was called that from the oaks that surrounded it, and was in- between the city of Balefort and the Dark Forest out post. I rode hard not knowing what I was going to do when I arrived. Finally, I spotted the hill in front of me, thinking that I may be able to see the action from atop it. It was not what I was expecting. There what lay before me was the camp of two armies, and one of them was the formidable army of the Mercenaries.<br />
I rode into camp eyeing all the feared faces. I unsaddle next to Captain Murdoch's tent, then went inside warily. <br />
“Hagiel, well done. Troops arrived this morn,” e said. “If you were wondering, it looks like they plan to attack about midday. They sent messengers over earlier.” <br />
“Yes sir,” I replied. Then I walked out fearfully.<br />
“Hagiel!” Esho shouted. “Hurry, put on your armor that I took for you yesterday, before they blow the horn!”<br />
Before I got the last strap on, the horn blew, and men streamed out of tents preparing for war. Esho and I were placed on the first line of defense. We were foot soldiers.<br />
Before you knew it, you could hear rocks clashing against heads and the piercing sound of metal going through skin. The wave of black armored beings were charging me. At the last moment, I hunched down so that the man charging tripped over me, and I shoved my sword into his gut. I pushed him off and another thing came running at me, but a little to fast. So I picked up my spear were I had lain it, and, “swoosh!” He sped right through it. I looked over at Esho and that was my mistake. A big creature was already swinging his sword at me. I barely got my sword in the air to block when he brought his down. The force of his blow knocked my sword about a league away, and right before he brought his sword down again upon my head, he gave a queer look, and dropped dead. Standing behind him with a knife in hand was the sly falcon Geda.<br />
I smiled, took his dagger easily from him, and beheaded a foe from behind him.<br />
He smiled, and I gave it back, and then I retreated to find a weapon, maybe even a spear or two. I found luck. Stuck behind a rock was a spear. Nearby was a sword, and I went straight back to my opening. I fought, I killed, I fought, I got wounded, and I killed. I kept this pace warily. Til I heard the horn blow. It was no retreat; it was the sound of the enemies' giants. I readied my spear and went to meet my foe.<br />
<br />
hope you enjoyed!

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