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Mobs, Bosses and NPCs Clip-art #1

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Hey everyone,

So today I thought it would be quite fun to share some small snapshots of mobs, bosses and NPCs I've created recently. This basically all began due to me wanting to integrate some of my designs into a new signature as I have gone far too long without one and the old ones I used to have were mediocre at best. Therefore I selected 4 mobs which I felt could be re-animated in my clip-arty style. I chose to base them around Pocket Legends due to that being the game I play the most and generally enjoy playing the most, but I've thrown in a quick Dr Kriegberg one that I did not so long ago too for the Dark Legends fans among us.

I played around with the layouts a little and settled on this fractured glass look. Overall I was fairly pleased with the outcome as I'd achieved what I wanted to do using my iPad only which was a bonus, though due to the restrictions on signature size the clarity of it suffered a little when I actually set it as my signature which is a bit of a shame. What do you think?

The Dr. Kriegberg was an idea I had for the Dark Legends Creative T-Shirt Contest yet I decided to go down a different line with the contest with a more gory, bloody outcome which would better relate to the vampire genre. so if you haven't already go check it out!

So do you have a favourite from the above? If so, which one? Also let me know in the comments and if you have any ideas for any Bosses, Mobs or NPCs you want to see me try in the future. Thanks!


*Feel free to use these images for any of your own projects if you so wish*

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Updated 07-17-2012 at 06:19 PM by TheSnowman

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Mobs, Bosses and NPCs Clip-art


  1. LookBehindMe's Avatar
    dude I love it!!!!! wish I could draw like that.
  2. TheSnowman's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LookBehindMe
    dude I love it!!!!! wish I could draw like that.
    I'm glad you like it I have some more planned which I might put up tomorrow or the day after depending how long they take. Requests are welcome too