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New Mystery Mash elite level 71 boss fight dungeon
• Unearth new game mechanics in a special version of the final Humania bossfight, made for groups of level 71 players
• This exclusive dungeon is only available to players who have worn the “Monarch Helm of Humania”
• Fun group mechanics – you must play as a group to pwn the elite Humania boss!
• Elite boss has a chance to drop rare loot, plus "Elite" items
• NEW dark pink, “Elite” item class, and three new “Elite” weapons that only drop from the elite Humania boss
• Awesome new faces with stat's, only available for sale in elite boss dungeon

Elite Wave Twister Staff - Unique Proc that drops a Healing Totem!
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Elite Sea Blaster - this thing fires CANNONBALLS!
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Elite Marlin Sword - Unique Shark Proc!
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New Dungeon The Lost Villas
• New daily and 3 day quests to acquire crafting components
• Rare boss spawns with rare loot

New elixir
• Shamrock Thrasher Punch – Just like the Thrasher Pwnage Punch, but with 60 minutes of 100% luck instead of 30% luck
• Available in the store, or in guild house for a discount

Arcane Legends Name Reservations
• Arcane Legends Name Reservations are now available in your Avatar Screen. Reserve your character’s name for Arcane Legends today!
• Arcane Legends Shield is now available in the store! Show everyone you intend to be one of the first Adventurers of the Arcane!
Check it out guys!

This boss is hard! Took me a while to figure it out but I think I figured how to easily kill it. I have killed it 20-30 times but only one pink (not the new kind :/)

You need at least one of each class. My person favorite is 2 mages, 1 bird, and 2 bears. Here's what I do:
I push into a corner when the totems are. Everyone must go here. Everyone goes to kill him but you must keep a stun! Mages should keep their drain until he tries to run to get a combo! If you can keep the stun, it's an easy kill!

As for the quests... I hate them! Diamonds are gonna go down drastically! I havnt seen one of the "rare boss spawns" but I'm gonna keep in looking!

I'm kinda disappointed the marlin sword is 2 handed... No pvp use! But the cannon blaster looks awesome!


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  1. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    is the blaster l66? lol
  2. ImHawk's Avatar
    advice.. the top is mostly just a copy and paste, just put out the link and add your comment
  3. ArtofWar's Avatar
    lol the elite sea blaster is a suicide gun O.O