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Ark's Blog - What I did today. 7/19/12

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So I'd like to talk about what I did today

First off, I got on SL today and reserved my names for AL (names: Ark, Acid, Hugster, Misfit, and Savior). I also bought my AL shield and I love it!

Next, I went to some new pizza place near by my house because I was starving .. The pizza I got was so huge!, they say that one slice of pizza can feed 2 people, but I tried eating it by myself and gosh... I couldn't even finish half of it! . My slice of pizza had spinach, mushroom, and pepperoni . I brought the leftovers home to eat later! xD.

Later after getting my pizza, I went on STS forum to check out some new thread and old ones too . I ran into a few interesting new threads and I posted up a new thread about our AL shield and reserving name (link:

Then after that, I got so bored, so I decided to chat on the Chatbox in STS forum. First talked about the AL shield and the name reserves. It somehow went into food, to be more specific it was tacos and burritos . (Taco Man!) Then here come octavos (Ghost) talking about recolor the Squid Buddy red. and naming it Cherry xD. Then I said I wanted a blue Squid Buddy and name it Blueberry. Then start talking about food (burritos) again . It made me hungry again..

NOW! I'm gonna have dinner and it's taco night! . Woohoo!

Picture of Taco Man!
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Well anyways, thanks for those who reads my blog. I know it may be boring, but I'm just starting to do this kind of stuff.. PEACE!

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