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Ark's Blog - The Hive & My Day.

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So this morning, I checked STS forum and I was so happy they we finally made it to 2 million!
I got my awesome Pulse Rifle & I tried out the new Dungeon called The Hive. It's awesome, I love it . I haven't gotten any legendary weapons, but I'll get them soon .

I made a new thread called Show Off Your Freshness! (Check it out!). I love showing what my outfits are .

I want to spread the word about Random Acts of Kindness (AOK), it been out for a while, but it just haven't been very active and not really out there. I honestly don't know much about AOK, but here is the link to it: (Check it out! It will be worth looking into!).

Earlier today I went grocery shopping with my older sister and my cousin because we wanted to make homemade pizza . For my first time making pizza, I made a bombtastic pizza . AND when I made my dough, it wasn't shape of a circle.. It was shape of a heart lol . I also made my first Banana Bread! It came out delicious! . But sadly, I forgot to take a picture of my banana bread .
Picture of my shape heart pizza :
Name:  pizza-heart.JPG
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But anyways.. After all of that, I pretty much just stayed afk most of the time in Blackstar Base and texting my friends lol.. Well I think that's all I have to say for tonight..

Thanks for reading..

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