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What about Arcane Legends?

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Dear Journal,

What is it about wanting something so much that you can't have... yet...
As our devs continue to cook up Arcane Legends, each day leaves me wanting the game more! This takes me back to the Dark Legends pre-launch hype.

What a week that was and the trailer ruled!

I recently started thinking about the new Ambassador program for AL and how exciting it'll be to run with another new group of players. :D
With much excitement, I poked around and found this picture to share with exclusively to my readers!

Who can guess what it is? ;)
Name:  town_blacksmith_forge_watermarked.jpg
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Size:  578.1 KB

I should be able to share more details on the new Ambassador program as STS shares more information about AL. Stay tuned for that!
And as always, thanks for reading and see you in the next blog!


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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    looks like a dragon...... Am I right?
  2. geray776's Avatar
    lit does look like a dragon but with a furnace belly lol it looks pretty sick I can't wait till arcane legends comes out and I have a suggestion u should make it so we can put numbers in our names or like punctuation instead of only letters
  3. geray776's Avatar
    ooooo and it looks like a stone dragon hovering over a furnace used to craft things
  4. TYRANTO's Avatar
    that looks like the blacksmiths working place
  5. Rawrimafish's Avatar
    is it... an awesome picture????
  6. Cahaun's Avatar
  7. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    yeah, that's what it is. a awesome picture. I haven't seen this one before I don't think.
  8. Survivorfan's Avatar
    It looks like something from skyrim
  9. Urqui's Avatar
    I'm with tyranto, totally looks like a blacksmith crafting orn (or whatever it's called)
  10. Commanderkeen's Avatar
    It's a dragon themed forge.