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The Daily Dose- #4 Lil' Wayne

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Haha this was very interesting today.. So I went to the county fair (Porter County in Indiana), and I was just taking a nice stroll by all the 'fair games' (ya know, the rigged ones) and one of the people that work there was jumping up and down yelling "Lil' Weezy!!! Lil Weezy!". At first I thought he had.. problems.. but then I turned around to see a colored, short, tattooed person. I couldn't believe my eyes! He had the dreadlocks that goes down to his stomach and tattoos over his entire body. I didn't get to say 'hi' because everyone was crowding around him, and he soon got escorted away..
But it was just unbelievable..

Anyway, what's new with Star Legends? There was a little patch today, all it did was fix the joystick size option on the nacl. I got to level 34 too! I played the Hive for the first time, it was good, just too many guns that suck! Excellent XP giver though. I am actually almost level 35

So once again guys, thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it today.
Worship is out!

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