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The Daily Dose- #5 Motorcross

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Well I went to a motorcross race, and it was awesome! There were little 5-7 year olds riding Lil' 50's.
Compared to the 450cc's There were also some Quads racing too, and those after market parts on them make them look amazing! One of my friends raced in the 85cc Class B race and got 1st.
Right before the races, it was complete down pore of rain! The track was flooded in some places and people were wiping out left and right! It was just an awesome day

Star Legends: Level 34.. less than 200xp til 35 There was also a little update with the Elixir Sale coming to an end, and small bug fixes. But I saw in the forums that some people (including me) have been getting disconnected over and over. I can barely play SL cause of all the disconnecting

Oh well! Hopefully it will get fixed!
So that wraps up day 5 here on the Daily Dose, I will be adding some more things to my blog tomorrow. Some cool new events and whatnot..

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