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AOA PARTY, details

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When: Sunday, November 6th 7-9pm EST (or longer)
Here is time convertor:

Where: Everywhere

What: Meet the Ambassadors! The party is a celebration of the program and also a way for the entire community to come and get to know all of us ambassadors.

All ambassadors will be giving out a special giveaway item. We will be in a guild called " AMBASSADORS OF ALTERRA". You, the community of alterra, will have to find us. We will be in every Towne, when u wave to us you will receive the giveaway item(not sure what it is, and I wouldn't and couldn't tell u if I did). Make sure to tell your friends and guild members about party!

For more info check


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  1. Eric Huang's Avatar that the only time?
    Though I have class ><
  2. joeythewise's Avatar
    sounds like fun
  3. Rittik's Avatar
    so i am a brand new PL player level 9 now :-) so can i go and meet you guys too???....but am a serious contender in SL level 35 :-)
  4. Zombiemurder's Avatar
    rittik same thing for me I'm an sl player not much a pl player I'm like lvl 7-9 not sure though
  5. Onaraasider's Avatar
    Sure u can meet us, we r here to help new players. You can talk and greet with us and get vanity
  6. Eric Huang's Avatar
    Only that time can get vanity? Or all time when we see you and wave to you?
  7. Nick41324's Avatar
    @rittik HEY MAN! nice to see you on the forums! if you need any help don't be scared to send any of the AoA members a private message! we would love to help you out :)
  8. Piosidon's Avatar
    I'm very confused now. Is it gonna be dev time or EST?
  9. Elyseon's Avatar
    7 EST