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Rewarding the players.

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Welcome to another blog from your favorite (I hope! :p ) community guy!

I wanted to blog about prizing this week.
The Community peeps and I often get together and try to figure out how we can reward players. Believe it or not, giving too much has a negative impact too!

+ If your prize is too large, it takes focus away from the event and becomes all about the prize!
+ If you offer too little, your event has to be really really good, and even then the body count can be pretty small.

Fellow readers, what kind of events and prizes would you like to see? Should there be greater focus on the activity itself?

On a slightly different note ♪

I wanted to share the 'prototype' badge for BootCamp event we hosted on Star Legends.
Reward for participating in BootCamp is unique unlike anything we've ever done before. It's an exclusive badge to wear on the forums special to each participant.
Pic below isn't the final version, and subject to change!

Thanks for checking out yet another week of my blog.
See you in the next one!


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  1. epen's Avatar
  2. Worship's Avatar
    hey Airrie!
  3. Worship's Avatar
    Whoops, didn't mean to press send. haha anyways: hey Airrie! Prizes could include some uncommon (but not rare) non-tradable items, so people don't get overwhelmed by the prize, but will still stay focused on the event itself
  4. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    rewards. hmmm. I would like to see some new forum user titles and avatars, and in game antenna's or things like that.
  5. Airrie's Avatar
    Good stuff, we'll keep it in consideration! :D

    Hey worship!
  6. Xionskull's Avatar
    btw airrie too keep in mind for next time in a competition like bootcamp, btw I loved it, make sure the players get to stay in the guild, for I was booted twice and I didn't have the motivation to join again so just-