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Tough crowd! (Online bullying)

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Hello my small (yet amazing) group of readers.

Today I wanted to share some tips on how to handle negative comments and deal with online bullying.

Nearly every webpage these days has a comment section. Unfortunately everyone's a critic and it's a tough crowd!
If you have ever felt bullied, or taken a comment to heart, listen to what I have to say.

1. It's not personal. It really isn't ;)
2. Don't allow it to get to you. For every 1 negative comment, there are 10 positive comments. Ignore the negative minority, focus on the positive majority.
3. Look at constructive criticism as a helpful tool. Believe me, it's tough to do something you feel is perfect, and someone suggests a way to improve but that's how you get better!
4. Do not feed the troll. A lot of comments are made in an effort to gain a reaction from you. Do not give the person the satisfaction because eventually they will get bored and move on.
5. Block the negative out. :cool: It's cool when haters are your fans, but we're just not interested. Right? Right. :encouragement:

Lastly, remember that you can't change everyone. It's not worth the energy because....

Stay strong readers!
'till next time


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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    Nice tips! People will find this really useful!
  2. aniybo's Avatar
    thank you for having this up theres people that suicide because of bullying and if anyone that bullies read this. imagine if it was u.
  3. Worship's Avatar
    awesome Airrie! thanks
  4. branflakes's Avatar
    Great post
  5. markymarx's Avatar
    Airiee kinda disagree with u I mean wtheck jk. Great. Post. Accept criticism, reject hatred..ism