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Why oh why am i doing this *chuckles to himself*

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I hate my first Blog, dunno why I thought I would slide that in on the first line of my second Blog but I do.
Honestly reading it back makes my skin crawl with cringyness, fist in my mouth motion.
I also dont know why strangely. Maybe it was because it was my first attempt or maybe i did it all wrong and blogged about a post i kind of believed in at the time, that never really became a reality in my guild at the time <The Dead Society>.

Either way, this is my second blog and lets no longer dwell on past mistakes.
I shall raise a glass of fruity red wine and say good luck Mitchturbo, you've made a right impression of yourself, now put away your quill and hang your head in shame. Retire back to the dark corners of the void which is infested by your deepest darkest thoughts filled with space apes and glowing hallucinogenic ideas.

Lets talk about my thoughts right now. Well first of all I'm disappointed. Why you all say? Well I turned up to work with a halve charged Tablet and I've just discovered that my charger is no longer working. I don't know if its the charger itself or the battery inside my tablet. oh well ill find out when I get home.
Second thoughts are I'm actually quite happy, but in a weird emotionless way. I'm happy I'm writing this blog venting all my thoughts out.
I'm happy to hear there are some new changes happening soon to my favourite game Star Legends, as well as a new lvl cap.
Then i find I'm back to being disappointed again, I've recently been reading that a lot of my friends are leaving this game or have already done so. This makes me extremely sad but alas i must respect there wishes in the end.
We are all human in the end and it is common nature that as humans we do get bored and move on.
Ooo a cheeseburger i start to crave now.I wonder what brought that on hahahahaha.

Well Im especially looking forward to the new Doctor Who series starting soon, oh the joy of sitting in front of the Tv cuddling up to my two year old son, bonding while we watch the Asylum Of The Daleks couldn't excite me more! I love Doctor Who.

I don't know what else to write about really, maybe to explain why i feel so down tonight. Its my time of the month i declare to the world in big letters floating above cyber space...


Or maybe not, but i guess we all get it one time or another.
I smile as i start to finish my last few words on here.
Well i dont know about you enjoying this but i certainly did. Its been a pleasure to give this a second attempt and im looking forward to a cheerier Blog next time.

Remember you are much loved my wonderful readers.
Signing off- Mitchturbolance.

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