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Blogging Spacetime Style #13 - Episode 10 (School)

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Hey everyone!

The next year of school is starting in September for most of us, so I have decided to write a special school themed episode. In today's episode, I will talk to you about making the most out of your next year at school! I am starting in year 11 on Tuesday the 4th, so now is a perfect time to talk about it!

School is extremely important for everyone, and is a absolute must. Do not skip out of school because you will regret it later in your life. You will not have the skills to do the basic of things.

Now. Lets start in general. You need to have the "can do" attitude otherwise you will not get the grades you want. Grades are really important. Most parents want you to have a good life with a good job as such, so you need to get the grades you want.

Next, school subjects. The main ones are Maths, Science and English. These are vital, so ensure that you do well in these subjects. Subjects like RE and PE are not so important. However, you may not need to take a subject like RE if you did not choose it in your options. You can choose these in your ninth year at school in the UK (I dont know what the conversion is in America). Your options are basically your favourite subjects that you would like to study over your last two years in school. Take the time to think about these, as you do not get a second chance to choose!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    you can choose a lot of different choices. Your GCSE choices you have for year 10 and 11.