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Happy birthday arg!!!!

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Hello Kiwihawk Fans!
I Have Came Back To My Blog To Sayy...


My Time With Arg Started With Me Seeing Siejo All Around The Forums And One Day I Found Him Ingame And Friended Him :D
Then Later He Gave Me A Very Special Candle Wand Or "Torch" He Passed Down To Me! That Made My Day And Has Been Such A Cool Think That He Chose Me To Give It To So I Asked Him If I Could Join Arg And He Said U Must Have A Interview With Me And A Few Other Officers So I Did, I Was So Nervous And I Answered All The Questions As Best As I Could And Then He Said I Was Allowed To Join!!
I Was So Happy :-D
Then Ever Since I Joined I Have Always Had A 2nd Family In Pl With My Great Friend In Arg

So Ty Siejo For Letting Mt Into Arg And Ty All Of Arg For Making Me Feel Welcome When I Joined About 4 Or 5 Months Ago


Your Juiceable Kiwi!
:anonymous: :tan: :kiwi-fruit:

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  1. Siejo's Avatar
    Kiwi I <3 Ya U Should Become kiwi juice for the party
    Updated 09-06-2012 at 12:00 AM by Siejo (Bad Kiwi)
  2. Kiwihawk's Avatar
    Why Ty Siejo :P
  3. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    I loved my time in the guild, awesome guild
  4. McBain's Avatar
    Glad I found ARG. Happy birthday us!
  5. Suentous PO's Avatar
    I will never forget the day I met you in game. we were chatting and I accidentally booted you from the guild when my thumb slipped. lol, great to have you kiwi! /A\|R(G) !!!
  6. Kiwihawk's Avatar
    I Remeber That Sue!
    Im Happy That I Know All Ya :)
  7. Mage till the end's Avatar
    Glad to have joined
  8. saool's Avatar
    Yay Kiwi!!!

    btw "I can hear my hair growing... o_O" lmao