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And so, it begins...Introducing iPhone 5!

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Hello all!
Whirlz here!

Today I'm gonna be reflecting on the JUST ANNOUNCED iPHONE 5!
This new device will be sure to bring Apple a lot of popularity and increased amount of sales!
It looks like the device has more than just a sleek, slimmer and newly improved look.
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As you can see, the iPhone 5 finally ventures away from the classical 3.5 inch screen featured in all its previous models such as iPhone 3G, etc and evolves into a 4 inch cinematic screen (1136 x 640 resolution). From this lengthier screen, pixels will be bumped up to 326. This adaptation allows for an extra row of (4) more apps to be displayed per page.

The iPhone 5 also features a slightly thinner build, at 18% thinner than its iPhone 4/4S counterpart and 20% lighter in weight.
The device is made out of pure aluminum and glass, providing a much formal look and feel.
iPhone 5 will feature A6, Apple's new processor, and has been rumored to run almost twice as fast on various apps than before!

The iPhone 5 showcases the debut of the much expected iOS 6 operating system, as well as the new Lightning charging accessories and connectors.
iOS 6, the newest of Apple's operating systems, will fulfill many expectations and include a handful of new features.
Yes, what exactly DOES iOS 6 feature?
Let's see...

-Newly REVAMPED Maps App!
Ever get bored of that white, grey, and yellow formed map?
Now some green, blue, and a lot of colors are added.

-Facebook Options
Say you just went to a GODLY restaurant via the new Maps App!. You wanna share the location? Post it directly to FB from Maps!
Or what if you took this EPIC PWNRZ pic of you and some buddies? No problemo, just post to FB DIRECTLY!

-What's a Passbook?
It's the new feature included in iOS 6! You can book flights, tickets, cards, boarding passes, all from this app!

-I don't want to talk to you right now, you n00b!
Now when a friend calls you who just ticked you off, smile vigorously when you press the "Remind Me Later" option, (when you're not so mad). Or you can make a custom "Not ATM"... (noob!)

-[insert hot girl's name] just mailed me OMG!
Mail now provides a VIP list option. If you ever get the slim chance of having [insert hot girl's name] send you a mail, you can always have it marked up and first to appear on your priority list for the Mail App.

-And much more!
Remodeled App Stores, (iBooks, iTunes, App Store), and faster Safari browsing!
iOS 6 will be available for the following platforms:
Phone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod Touch (4th and fifth-gen), iPad 2 and new iPad (third-gen).

On the iPhone 5, we can expect a rear and front camera.
The rear camera has gotten a MASSIVE boost, boasting a 8 megapixel quality and improved lighting options.
Along with this comes the very cool "panorama" editing feature, which allows for multiple images to be taken then stitched together from left to right into a wide single image.

Ever had Siri say something that made no sense at all to you?
Or maybe Siri just derp'd?
I suppose I can plot you an evolution table right now.
iPhone 4S Siri evolves into iPhone 5 Smarter Siri at level 1337.
But srsly, an actually improved AI intelligence Siri has been added to the list of iPhone 5 Pro's!
"Now we can ALL get our Physics homework done by Siri!"

All in all, we can expect a HUGE advancement for Apple in its faith-filled new iPhone 5 product.
As the famous astronomachine said,
"That's one small step for technology, one giant leap for machinekind!"

Until next time,
-Whirlz =D

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  1. Skeletonlord's Avatar
    Great post! I tried to make one similar but I didn't go into as much detail as you
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    heh niceeeee