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Dark orbit anyone ?

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i was wondering if anyone played it if you do on what server i play on us east 1 but im from the west coast lol well let me know
and happy huntings....

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  1. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    really no one Wow
  2. oneslybird's Avatar
    I used to til the incident...
  3. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    what incident ??
  4. Phoenixking's Avatar
    The dramatic old flashback cliche.....the incident....
  5. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    still don't know where your heading with this ...
  6. oneslybird's Avatar
    I was playing dark orbit then I decided to buy some uridium and bought one pack of 9.99 and was charged 100.00........
  7. oneslybird's Avatar
    I got my money back but I don't play anymore due to the fact I'm scared to
  8. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    oh what server and did you make sure you didn't click on it too many times the payment well it's different now tell me if you ever want to play
  9. largecommand's Avatar
    I play last i remeber i had full pilot bio and like 200k uri. still playing add me largecommander[GC]
  10. SUPAPRODIGY's Avatar
    what company and server and clan ?