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Whirling with Whirlz

Blacksmoke Mountain and a fan-fiction tale.

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So while farming in Blacksmoke Mountain, I looked at the scenery, and thought, "This HAD to have played some important part in the tale of the Elf Queen's Kingdom."

Thus, a tale started to form in my mind, starting with the story of a delightful little town, a catastrophe, chaotic corruption, and the sad epitome of an ancient land.

Lester- the elf
Josef- the bear
Leviath- the evil sorceror

Chapter 1

A long, long time ago, before the eras of the Elf Kingdom were known, a single civilization prospered in the midst of the great land of Alterra.
This civilization lay near an ocean of shallow waters.
The civilization was a small, yet lively one. It was a very...delightful place.
The inhabitants were mainly bears and elves, for the birds had not migrated from the Lands Beyond Alterra yet.

Lester, the bright young elf, was sitting on some sand, reading an ancient epitome inscribed on a rock.
The epitome told of how the land of Alterra was created.

A husky bear is stumbling along the path to the beach, when he notices a familiar shape in the distance.
"Lester, is that you?"

Lester sees that it is her friend, Josef.
The two had had a very passive friendship; never doing much except sitting and exchanging a few words at a time.
"Hey, Josef."

"What are ya' reading, Lester?"

Lester peers up from the rock, and replies, "This ancient writing."
Josef decides to take a look.
"How old is it?"

"I don't know. They say it's been here for thousands of years! Before Alterra was formed!"

Josef appears stunned. "Haha, I don't believe it. How could it have survived that long? Besides, who even wrote all this?"

Lester expertly answers with a hint of self-pride, "I believe this rock is Onyx. Onyx rocks don't erode too fast."
Josef looks cautiously at the rock.

Lester continues, "It's been here for a long time...yeah. As for who wrote all this...I have no clue at all."

Josef seems to have lost interest. "Hey Lester, come with me to the Museum!"
Lester sighs, "Meh, I guess."

Chapter 2

Leviath grins. "So...this is it."
He was not satisfied with the way this world had been created.
Leviath did not like peace. Peace and kindness were for fools. For the weak.
"I'm going this world. Ha. Re-create!"
He was a dark magician with a dark intention.
After studying the regions of the little town in Alterra, Leviath had found that the Onyx rock was quite particular.
Of course, thousands of years would have to erode a rock, correct?
But this just still stood there.
As if something was holding it there.

Chapter 3

A creature stirred within the rock.
A slight detection in the air had awakened the beast from his long slumber.
His mind was free from the curse of sleep, but his body was still petrified within the rock.
It would take some time for him to escape this imprisonment.

Leviath arrived at the Onyx rock.
It wasn't that large...only ten or so feet in height.
"It's not even that tall...", commented Leviath.
Convinced, Leviath blasted the rock with dark magic.

A shockwave, one that was quite slow, rippled through the town.
The ocean groaned, and the sun turned bright red.
Leviath was blasted ten feet back by the shockwave.
" power from only a rock..."

And a voice came from the rock...
"Thank you...for freeing me from this seal."

Chapter 4

Lester and Josef did not know what the heck was happening.
Nothing except tranquility and beautiful rainbows ever happened.
When Lester was hit by the shockwave, she was knocked unconscious.
When Josef was hit by the shockwave, he started hallucinating.

Lester awoke, and saw that the sky had turned red.

Chapter 5

The beast uncoiled itself, and stretched out its wings.
"A mortal...attempting to destroy this land..."
Leviath saw the great dragon.
"It is too late! I have already succeeded! Prepare for the rebirth of this world!"
The dragon saw that the consequences were indeed, quite grim.

The whole land had been locked together, preventing a horrendous energy from below from escaping and wrecking havoc.
The dragon had paid the cost the first time for the land to be created.
Many millennia ago, the world of Alterra had shuddered and almost faded out of existence.
The powerful Dragon Energy below had leaked out.
Little by little, the Ichor of the Dragon Energy had nearly incinerated the whole world.
At first, when the Ichor was first seen by the inhabitants of the land, it was thought to be something of magical substance.
It could be crafted into an unbreakable weapon.
But when these weapons were forged, a terrible war broke out.
The Ichor continually leaked out, and it caused more and more anger and violence.
The inhabitants were unconsciously destroying themselves, corrupted by this energy.

But the weapons were not the only things forged from the ichor.
There was one being, a dragon, that had been made by the villagers.
The dragon knew good from evil, and wanted good to surpass the latter.
So he made the ultimate sacrifice.
By willingly sacrificing himself, an Onyx rock was formed and sealed away the Dragon Energy from below.

And now the world was in havoc once again, and the dragon had been awakened.

The dragon bellowed these words as rocks of fiery ashes plummeted from the sky.
The sky had become ripped apart, a swirling mass of fire and infernos.
The waters of the ocean were bleached golden yellow by the leaked Ichors.

And the dragon knew that he had to sacrifice himself again.
Imprisoned for nearly five millenia, it had been the fate of such to call upon him again.


And the great dragon, with Onyx eyes and glittering Golden scales, the color of the leaking Ichor, of which he had originally been borne from, took one last look at the great land he had once saved, and now promised to save it once again.

And the dragon burst into flames.
Flames went up like a phoenix, and collided into the sky.
The Onyx rock exploded, and a huge mass of rock emerged.
The peak rose sky-high, and a mountain formed.

The Dragon Energy slowly retreated, and the Ichor descended below the land once again, but along with it, was the remains of Drago.

Chapter 6

As time went on, the land cooled, and black smoke began to escape from the volcanic mountain.
However, the land was never the same again.
All the plants had been incinerated from the catastrophic event, and no signs of life were present.
The sun had forever been blocked away from contact with the land, and dark clouds linked throughout the sky.
The ground was barren and scarred, a reminiscence of the past.
And the ancient forests where life had once prospered, they were still burning.

Chapter 7

One lonely day, a group of elves from the Royal Search Party of Elf Kingdom sighted a volcanic mountain in the middle of the ocean.
"LAND HO! Sail towards that black smoke mountain!"

When the sailors arrived, they saw the land and the forest that had once been alive.
It was a forest of fire, and they named it the Fire Forest.

And the sailor who had first sighted the land named it "Blacksmoke Mountain".

And the sailors were amazed at what they saw.
They returned to Elf Kingdom with their news, and an official Royal Search Party was sent out to explore.

The party found artifacts, everyday utensils, even some remnants of illegible journals that were written in some unknown language.

One of the party members said, "What is this place?"
And the leader of the Royal Search Party, the Valkyrie Whirlzap was handed the pendant, and he could make out the letters "LESTER" inscribed on the golden yellow frame. The frame seemed to emit a bright yellow glow. It was something he had never encountered before. It was something made of a special type of substance.
And the Valkyrie Whirlzap praised, "It's a whole civilization. People lived here once on this island. A whole towne. An ancient civilization. Buried underneath the ashes."


Yes, so that's the end of my little tale.
I was going to include a part where the Royal Search Party ventures into the volcano sitting in the middle of the land and encounters Drago, which is now corrupted by the Dragon Energy and turned into Dragonet.
However, I wanted to end on a rather nostalgic and sympathetic tone.

I hope this gives some suspense and encourages you to continue farming towards that tedious total of 500/500 Dragonet Ichors!
And remember, don't let the rage inside that crafted Ichor weapon control you...
Until next time,


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