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STS-25 Tarasa Colony Guide

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[I][SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"]Hey y'all,

For some people that needs it, here's my Guide.

[SIZE=4][COLOR="#0000CD"]Frequently asked questions :[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]1.How can I host it? How can I remake?[/COLOR][/B]

[I][SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"]You can't really host, or remake that map, but you can create a room, with the quest you get there when joining a room.
Most of the time, when you try to host using the quest, it brings you to a room with players already there.
But after few tries, you have a big chance to host it and create a new room. But of course, you can't boot players or put a password.


[I][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=2]You also have another way to try to host it by clicking on Continue in home screen of the game.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]


[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]2.After I joined a room, where can I find the quest?[/COLOR][/B]

[I][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=2]Simple, the quest is near the Enhancer NPC.

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]3.What mobs gives the Tokens for the quest?[/COLOR][/B]

[I][SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"]The tokens are mostly random. But after few looks and tries, the mobs that gives the token the most are the little red guys.

[COLOR="#FF0000"][B]4. What pinks drops the most? Can I get pink from mobs? Do I need enhancer to get one?
[I][SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"]The pinks in that map, drops frequently. You can loot some without Luck Enhancers, but it may be harder and longer.
The implants are the most dropping pinks from mobs/boss.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]


[SIZE=4][COLOR="#0000CD"]Hints :[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]1.Fast leveling[/COLOR][/B].

[SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"][I]To boost level up in this map (good map to farm EXP), it is better to have 1 or more players with the massive enhancer and any napalm.

[I][SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"]to make it fast, start the map and stop when there's 22 mobs left, then remake. Trust me, this is fast EXP runs :).[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]


[I][COLOR="#000000"][SIZE=2]When you hit 50 mobs left, if you want a bonus chance to loot a pink, just go back near the Elite chests, and you will see the boss of the first map in Scorn Crusade. Always kill ZoRyx first![/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]


[SIZE=2][COLOR="#000000"][I]There we go, enjoy that Map, and good luck all! Hope it helped :D.[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]


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  1. Absolute-Z3R0's Avatar
    Great work and awesome guide! I hope in the future they give us the ability to create/host games here.