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pvp ninja

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i myself haven't fought anyone in pvp since the update and i hear eng are now the rulers of the game...
i don't know for sure because as i said i haven't fought one yet, but
i believe eng are now beasts if you think otherwise or agree please leave a comment TY

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  1. supazap's Avatar
    I agree with u cuz I haven't fought one yet
  2. Cephei's Avatar
    Theyre beasts so Its the best when u hav two classes at a high level because at every cap raise an other class dominates pvp.
    My two mains are Axton (commando) and Allegiance (engineer). Feel free to add me.
  3. Abadaobiran's Avatar
    ppsshh now that ive fought a mob of eng in ctf they i know now that they are not as good as i thought the were