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These daily blessings...

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So, how is everyone today?
Finally Friday....
It's pretty late now and I want to have a good night's sleep, so I'll keep this short.

Apparently I did some volunteer community service today.
In the region where I reside, the weather was pretty brutal...harsh elements of nature.
Down-pouring rain...some flash flood warnings, heard some lightning and thunder.
I went around planting trees and gardening for the local park, and managed to get three hours of service in before I was forced to run inside.
In places where you live that rain oceans down on you, you have to learn to dress appropriately.
I assumed a nice warm day of sunshine today, so I wore some shorts.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite a stormy day.
I went inside the Community Center, played some Bingo with the elderly, and had some hot coffee.

Upon returning hope, I decided to collect Day 5 of my daily blessings...

So, I got 21 Plat in total from the Blessings...decent.
I also managed to grab two DERP vanity shields.
Don't ask why they're called DERP.

I shall speak more about these daily blessings tomorrow ~

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  1. supazap's Avatar
    Man that sounds harsh how did u handle it
  2. mooncloth's Avatar
    Thats harsh. and i havent gotten any platinum or vanity items for my 5th day. Only more gold
  3. razurblade's Avatar
    I was in hospital and my 5th blessing expired... geez thanks sts
  4. Alfred33's Avatar
    I believe you