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My First Full Set In PL!!

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I finally managed to get my first full set in PL today (thanks to a little help from Mothwing, and Anetrece)

It's the L. 25 Jewel Thief's Crystalline Set (Helm/Armor/Bow)

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Updated 11-04-2012 at 01:18 PM by Aracnus

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  1. thecrankybearsam's Avatar
    grats lol
    The sets i got were
    L65 orlok (str)
    L70 tiki (dex)
    L25 crystalline set (str)
    L25 crystalline set (dex)
    L35 copperhead set (str)
    L50 rift set (str)
    but that's honestly nothing compared to everyone else
  2. siobahne's Avatar
    Nice... Grats
  3. Mothwing's Avatar
    Woohoo! Looking good
  4. vip's Avatar
    I have full set of almost every item there is each lvl
  5. DawnStar's Avatar
    it says I don't have the pemisson to make a post.... HELP!
  6. Aracnus's Avatar
    thanks guys for the comments, lvlin' up now, up to 30 and in need of some buddies to help me to 35 for the next set
  7. DawnStar's Avatar
    anyone help
  8. Zodiarck's Avatar
    My first full set was crystaline str L25 set before conpleting I acidently bought the L23 sword lmao I went straight broke afther that, sold it bought the L25 got my sparkles :3 lol never made the mistake again
  9. OvigorothO's Avatar
    dont know what mine was...probably cyber im poor.