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Arcane Legends Limited Release

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Living in Austin, as we do here at Spacetime Studios, we have access to a number of movie theaters that are almost exclusively dedicated to pre-screening films.

This means we get to see many films weeks before the rest of the country, in what’s known as “Limited Release.”
An important element of the limited release is the opportunity to give feedback and improve the final product.

What does this have to do with the price of Platinum?

We are proud to announce the Limited Release of Arcane Legends! Beginning today, players in Canada and Australia may download Arcane Legends from Google Play to explore the mystical world of Arlor.

As a Rogue, Warrior, or Sorcerer, they will embark on a great adventure with their loyal pet by their side.

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By opening up to these markets with a Limited Release, we are hoping to test the game with a larger audience and ensure game and server stability. This way, when Arcane Legends launches worldwide, we provide you with a game that’s ready for you and your friends.

Thank you for your patience during these last few weeks. We’ve been working hard to deliver you the best game possible.

We look forward to your feedback, and the upcoming worldwide release!

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Thanks again!

-Your friends at Spacetime Studios

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  1. DarkRazerz's Avatar
    It said not able to reach chrome web store :/
  2. Riopiedra's Avatar
    im going to download this when it comes out
  3. eetu565's Avatar
    Is AL for armv6 phones because I have Galaxy Mini
  4. Corpser's Avatar
    just android -_- well...... that sucks :/