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Arcane Legends Skills - Rogue

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ROGUE (Subject to changes as game changes)
SHADOW PIERCER 40mp, 3CD, 16m, 10-13dam + dam on crit, Leaps towards foe, misses all the time
Gouging Rush 15% chance of -10% armor
Shadow Absorption Hit has 75% chance of +10% hps
Rising Death After normal Shadow Piercer atk, deliver multiple low damage hits
Leading Dagger Increase max targets to 3 (misses alot or misses a lot charged)
NOXIOUS BOLT 33mp 3CD 14m 10-13dam + pois dam ea. 3sec. (pois dam for 3 sec?)
Lingering Poison +3sec to pois dam
Strengthened Shot Charged noxious bolt goes to 6m
Fragmentation Additional 10% per Noxious Bold pois damage
Serrated Arrowhead Impact damage +15%
RAZOR SHIELD 40mp 30CD 3m 3-4dam/sec for 5sec
Whirling Razors +10% dodge while Razor Shield
Bleeding Cuts Charge for 25% chance at bleed for 5sec.
Increased Duration +3sec active (total 8sec?)
Spinning Freedom Charging removes snare, root, slow from caster
AIMED SHOT 33mp 3CD 14m 14-17dam +dam on crit (highest dam single shot)
Accuracy Each additional aimed shot +10%dam
Critical Shot crit hit +250%dam
Deadly Force +crit chance 10% for 5sec (can stack 2sec)
Shatter Armor -15%armor 5sec (can stack 2sec)
ENTANGLING TRAP 26mp 10CD 0.25m 3-4dam +dam on crit
Adept Construction 20% chance at making another trap
Razor Wire Bleeding damage over time
Combustion Tank exploding trap w/ high damage to enemies (AoE)
Net Retraction 20% chance of trap pulling enemies to it
MARKED PREY 0mp 0CD 14m 0-0dam +dam on crit
SHADOW VEIL 26mp 20CD 0.25m 0-0 +dam on crit
Marked Presence Stay in smoke +20% armor to caster & allies
Combusting Decay Explodes when smoke gone
Shadow Absorption -50% Shadow Veil & Shadow Piercer mp
Lingering Fumes +3sec to duration of smoke
COMBAT MEDIC 26mp 15CD throw down healing pack +25%hp
Effective Packs Increase amt of damage of each pack by 15%(??)
Trauma Surgeon Charging will heal caster
Extra Packs +1 to number of packs
Good Medicine Charged version will add heal over time

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