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Arcane Legends Skills - Sorcerer

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SORCERER (Subject to changes as game changes)
FIREBALL 60mp 4CD 14m 12-16dam +dam on crit AoE
Engulf +3m AoE
Ignite +burn damage/sec for 5sec
Impact +KD + stun
Scorch -25%hit for 5sec
LIGHTNING STRIKE 52.5mp 3CD 12m 17-21dam +dam on crit, AoE?
Empowered Bolt +15% dam
Electrical Discharge +15%chance (+25% chance charged) of killed foes to explode & lightning other foes
Positive Surge +250%dam on crit
Shock +25% chance stun for 3sec
GALE FORCE 52.5mp 4CD 9m 12-16dam +dam on crit, KB/KD
Outward Squall AoE for charged
Protective Current Charged = +75% dodge for 3sec
Speed of Wind Charged = +25% movement for 5sec
Weighted Wind KD +2sec
FROST BOLT 52.5mp 3CD 14m 17-21dam +dam on crit, slow + stun
Ice Wielder if charged hits 3 foes, 20% chance to release burst of ice AoE
Jagged Ice DoT if foes stunned or slowed
Shiver Slow/Stun +3sec
Arctic Shatter if slain, 20% chance ice patch that freezes other foes
ARCANE SHIELD 45mp 30CD, -30% damage for 10 sec or up to 500 dam absorbed
Extended Shield +total damage absorbed +5sec duration
Displacement Wave Charged = KB enemies
Static Resonance +15% damage reduction
Hardened Shielding 2sec invulnerability after casting
TIME SHIFT 60mp 10CD 17-21dam on impact AoE + snare 5m
Lower Dodge -dodge of foes in circle
Time Bomb Clock explodes, short-range AoE
Countdown of Pain Charged = DoT in circle, AoE
Freeze Time Charged roots foes
CURSE 45mp 15CD 4m AREA +10% damage to foes
Words of Weakening -10% damage BY foes
Penetrating Curse Charged = +5% damage to foes
Lingering Curse +2 sec to Curse
Sweeping Curse +2m to Curse, +2 targets
LIFEGIVER 52.5mp 15CD 6m, heals AREA 33-41dam
Increased Range increase AREA to 8m
Empower Charged = +mana also
Regrowth Charged = +10hp regen for 10sec
Recharged Mana Charged = +5mp regen for 10sec

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Arcane Legends


  1. Elite_Elements_AL_Guild's Avatar
    dude these are really good posts keep them up
  2. Battlewand's Avatar
    Good posts, I'm trying to find the right Sorcerer build and this really helped!