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Arcane Legends Skills - Warrior

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WARRIOR (Subject to changes as game changes)
SKYWARD SMASH 21.5mp 4CD 12m 7-9dam +dam on crit, Rushes forward/misses sometimes
Seismic Slam Range of slam damage increased to 6m
Thundering Hammer +10% damage
Quaking Earth Damage = 25% chance of stun
Effortless Execution Damage = 25% chance of +20mp
CHEST SPLITTER 21.5mp 3CD 4.5m 7-9dam +dam on crit
Extended Reach +1 number of targets
Decimation Slain enemies have 25% chance (45% on charged) to explode
Relentless Strike 30% chance (50% on charged) KB
Staggering Blow Hits disrupt foe windups + 20% chance disorient
WINDMILL 26.75mp 10CD 4m, 6-8dam up to 3 targets
Increased Radius increase to 6m
Blender +15% dam
Prolonged Spin +25% duration
Cripple Charged = snares for 5sec
AXE THROW 21.5mp 7CD 16m 6-8dam +dam on crit
Denting Blow -10% armor on hit
Concussion +25% chance to stun on hit
Blacksmith's Touch +15% dam on hit
Chained Bait Pulls hit enemy to melee range
JUGGERNAUT 21.5mp 45CD +25% hp
Ignore Pain Ignore 20% of incoming damage
Second Wind <25% hp = 50% chance to cast self heal
Unstoppable Charged = removes movement-impairing effects
Bring it On Charged = taunt nearby enemies
RALLY CRY 16.25mp 20CD +10%armor for 8sec (War Horn)
Lungs of Might +10sec to affects
Call to Arms Charged = buff allies
Song of the Fallen +25% dodge for short period
Forced March +10% movement
VENGEFUL BLOOD 16.25mp 30CD 4-5mp regen each 2 sec for 10 sec
Acute Strike +10% crit (+25% charged)
Savage Strikes +15% dam (+25% charged)
Focused Rage +25% duration
Adrenaline Surge +25STR (+50 charged)
HORN OF RENEW 16.25mp 15CD 6m, heals allies 10-13dam each 1.5sec for 6sec
Increased Range increase AoE to 8m
Increased Duration increase duration of buffs by 25%
Challenge Charged = taunt enemies w/in 8m
Protective Shield Charged = stops incoming damage to allies for 2sec

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