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Nicks application

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[QUOTE=Nick41324;796649]1. In Game Name:

2. Level:

3. How long have you been playing?
-Beginning of 2011

4. Why do you like Pocket Legends?
-It passes time quite well. Like when I'm sitting on the old john, or when I'm supposed to be doing work.

5. We organize events, parties, and contests (in game and on the forums). Is this something you would enjoy helping with?
-Is there money involved?

6. If you saw someone being a bully to another player, how would you handle it?
-I'd say stop plox.

7. Are Ambassadors like Moderators?
-Everyone is a moderator in one way or another, right? Everyone has a report button they can use. Ambassadors are no different than moderators or normal players.

8. If we picked you to become an Ambassador, what would surprise us most about you?
-im not making minimum wage at the age of 16. I have a freckle under my littlest toe. My toothbrush is pink with orange poke a dots.

9. Have you read the Mission Statement and Guideline?
-Every word. I've memorized it like the back of my hand. Every night when I go to bed I recite it 14 times.[/QUOTE]

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    I think you posted this in the wrong place?