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Fight Club's Official Thread!

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Official Announcement: [url][/url]


[SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua]Hey peeps!

I am honoured to announce the release of [COLOR="#FF0000"]Fight Club[/COLOR]!

[I]''Two members from the most mature and respected guild on Star Legends (Phoenix) have joined the forces on Arcane Legends to build an Elite Guild of mature and respected members. Our intentions are not to invite just anyone and everyone to build the largest Guild ever. We will take all applications into consideration however we are looking for the most mature and skilled members. Quality over quantity, so please apply if you are ready, skilled and mature. Skill building is underway!''
[B]Are you ready? I'm sure you are.[/B]

We have our own Forums, where you will need to register/apply to join us. We have rules, and requirements. Everything you need to know is on our Forums, so what are you waiting for?!

[B][U]Our Forums offer:[/U][/B]

[COLOR="#800080"]Chatbox.[*]Many Members.[*]Beautiful Style.[*]Many Categories.[*]Threads, and more.[*]Groups.[*]Contests.[*]Lottery.[*]Events.[*]Tapatalk Compatible (coming soon).[*]And much more![/COLOR][/LIST]

In any case, i'm sure I forgot to tell few things since there is too many! Why don't you go check our Forums and even apply/register!
Even if you do not wish to join the Guild in-game, you can still join our Forums!

[B][U]For any further informations, please contact the persons below:
[COLOR="#008000"]Guild Master/Creator:[/COLOR] [B]Astrocat.[/B]
[COLOR="#008000"]Second Guild Master/Creator:[/COLOR] [B]Warbux/Mentor.[/B]
[COLOR="#008000"]Officer:[/COLOR] [B]Mecha.[/B]
[COLOR="#008000"]Founders: [/COLOR] [B]Rauzito, Sledge, Urqui, Candy.[/B]
[COLOR="#008000"]First Members (persons who joined first few hours): [/COLOR] [B]Skeletonlord, Bilaxman, Chukie, Smashz, Rinnion.[/B]

We hope to see you in the family soon!
[I]More content will be added frequently, and you can even post suggestions on our Forums for what you would like to see!

[COLOR="#0000CD"]Note: Everything is on our Forums, I did not show all you can get there![/COLOR]

[COLOR="#000000"][B][SIZE=6]Our Forums:[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR] [URL=""][SIZE=5][B]FC Guild (Click Here)[/B][/SIZE][/URL]

[SIZE=4]See ya there peeps![/SIZE]
Link to forum is also: [URL=""][/URL]
(Old thread is going to get deleted :)).
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