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Chilling With Skel (BLOG)

Spacetime ADVENTures (Season one) - Première Episode 1 (The beginning)

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Note - Hi guys! I decided to release the first episode a couple of days earlier for you guys, as today is December 1st!

I found this app called Pocket Legends on the IOS App Store back in February 2011 and it was the best decision of my life. I am soon approaching two years anniversary on the 15th Feburary 2013. Isn't that awesome!

When I first started, I was a noob. I didnt know how to do anything. I didnt know how to fight, move my character or anything like that. I eventually found the forums, and created an account. I went to the Pocket Legends side and found all this information. I soon got into the game and levelled my character. I got into it, installed all the updates.

I went into the first Town Forest Haven and got a couple of awesome players as friends and went into instances with them. I spoke to the Sheriff, who told me about the town and how it started.

"Forest Haven is a historic town in which you can buy items and potions from different vendors. Soon, Skeletons and Zombies attacked and almost destroyed the whole town! Fortunately, me and the Blacksmith crafted a very powerful weapon called the "Master of the Legend". The weapon had a area effect in which we could knock the enemies back. However, its durability wasn't the best and it was thrown out. That weapon is now lost somewhere in Alterra, and we have been searching for it ever since.

So, I went in the portal and started battling zombies, and got up to level 10. I spoke to the Sheriff again, and he gave me a quest to find out about the realm of Alterra.

"Alterra has been a sacred place for many years, but few NPC'S know about Alterra. Your mission is to go around the realm and find what you can about Alterra!

And so Skeletonlord went to Balefort in an attempt to find out more info.........................................

The next episode will be the Christmas Special! Coming in a couple of weeks!

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