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Hello all and as a Head Officer of Destroy Them With Lazers (DTWL), I'm both pleased and proud to type this thread out.

A guild is a group of players working together, helping each other out and that is exactly what we want in our guild. Having over five hundred members, each one is hand-picked by our superb Recruiters and Officers.

We have a simple set of rules which is:

1. NO BAD LANGUAGE. I think that's an obvious one.

2. DON'T BE RUDE. Another obvious one. If someone asks you for help and you don't want to give it, say so politely.

3. WORK AS A TEAM. I've noticed several guilds falling apart because no one tries to help out or even do a guild chat. A guild is for players to work together.

I think that will suffice for the rules. Now for applying to the guild:

You can contact Alhuntrazeck (that's me!) or Exaliva (the Guild Master) or any of the other DTWL Recruiters or Officers in-game. You can also

1. PM Me.

2. Visit the Destroy Them With Lazers Site and request an application. You'll soon be in the site, and, whenever you're online, will be added to the Guild.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you will join us! PM me if you've got questions.

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