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What's up!: where was I?

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If this isnt blog material, well darn.

Ah yes... I have been a bit unencouraged (if thats not a word then oh well) to continue playing pocket legends. Not dark legends, star legends, or arcane legends.

Wondering if I should quit or stay and level... I dunno. I dont. Reason im: unencouaraged is because its time consuming and I has the trash gear.

A few of my friends that are on PL dont go on AL or DL or SL as much so idk what to do. Suggestions? 5 maybe? 1? 0? 0 is better than . I will continue my blog about 76 capping once I get suggestions. also the reason I havent been on in a while is because I took a break from PL. Had school to worry about.

Hmm.. Maybe about 12 projects I had to present! Done, finished last one today. I will be online a bit more. But... I am tired, cya later!

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  1. Vystirch's Avatar
    Make new friends in AL
  2. Destructible's Avatar
    Go AL. Many old PL players and new STS players are there
  3. Schnitzel's Avatar
    I still in pl. Not much in other sts games..
  4. Jugernugetx's Avatar
    Yea getting tired of PL, come on every now and then.
  5. NotYoCookiez's Avatar
    AL is hard to get a hand of and even harder to make money... PL still has awesome people
  6. Jugernugetx's Avatar
    To me it seems like AL is easier but we all have our opinions! I will stay for a while