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Funny Chat Of The Day.

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[QUOTE=MysticalEagle;982322]Mine was this, today:

I was walking in Kraag with the Top Player banner, and someone came to me,

[B]Player ''hi''

Me ''sup''

Player ''how'd you get that banner?''

Me ''well you know when I was your age, the birds were flying higher''

Player ''please, don't be dumb, where'd you get it?''

Me ''oh, my father gave it to me when I was young''

Player ''oh, does he still have one for me?''

Me ''i'll let you know next year''

Player ''well, thanks I guess''[/B]

That's EXACTLY the chat we had, with a random level 13. I did give him something for that, since he was pretty awesome to keep the discussion that was non sense.


A new one again, about 30 minutes ago, a random level 23 came to me,

[B]Player ''hey do you sell this banner''

Me ''it's not tradeable my friend''

Player ''prove it''

Me ''hum, well, I can't since it's not tradeable?''

Player ''just pass me your account, i'll check if it's true. Ok?''

Me ''Ok. Lemme write''

Player ''Ok''

Me ''''

Player ''reported''

Me ''why? Something's wrong with you mate..''

Player ''muted newbie''[/B]

Lol, I enjoyed it.


LOL! New one just now before I logged off!

[B]Me ''buying hammerjaw egg''

Player ''offer''

Me ''you really have the egg?''

Player ''yes, I do''

Me ''fine, let's say, 3 million?''

Player ''really? that's a lot ok then''

Me ''really?''

Player ''yes''

*enters trade window*

*puts the 3 mil*

*puts wrathjaw egg*

Me ''Hammerjaw...?''

Player ''don't worry that's hammerjaw I just renamed the pet for 2 plats''

Me ''Ok I believe you...'' #sarcasm

Player ''Nevermind, sorry but 3 million is too low someone has offered me 8 million''

Me ''sure, for wrathjaw...''

Player ''it's hammerjaw noob''

Me ''Bye...''

*logges off*[/B]


I was walking in Kraag, chilling and talking with some friends, when suddenly a Warrior, level 24 came to me.

[B]*talks to friends*

*Player arrives*

Player ''please shut up''

Me ''pardon me?''

Player ''no''

Me ''wait, what's up with you?''

Player ''just stop talking''

Me ''I just said two things buddy..''

Player ''no you keep talking to me now so shut up''

Me ''are you kidding me?''

Player ''no''

*Myst walks away*

Player ''come back now''

Me ''but you said...''

Player ''please 5000 gold''

*myst runs away*[/B]

That was funny also! I couldn't believe it. That's what you get for standing in Kraag all day!

What's yours?[/QUOTE]

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  1. Tilax's Avatar
    haha! Hammerjaw and the new one cracked me up! haha keep it up can't wait to see more
  2. Jhawkeye's Avatar
    All I needed was 5k D:
    Lol Jake I'm a lvl 18 mage
  3. Buttermage:D's Avatar
    hehe... :-)