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Progress Update #4

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Ok guys, time for progress update number four! And this time, there have been some changes. I don't think I'm going to get too deep into it, so I put it all in a bullet list!

This is what I have done since Progress Update #3:
  • Bought Deep Mountain Armor Vanity Boundle
  • Bought Level 15 Snowball Launcher
  • Bought Level 15 Toy Man Wand
  • Put focus on my Level 15 Enchantress, Cazturi

The biggest think this time is that I have started to put some time and money into my Level 15 Enchantress. It's really fun to have another class to play from time to time!

Here a picture of how Cazteri & Cazturi looks now!

Name:  ProgressUpdate_4.png
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  1. OverkillED's Avatar
    Lookin nice, Caz! I haven't been checking out your blogs in a while, sorry, but it's very fun to see your progress updates! Very nice blog with good detail! By the way, I made a 22 fox that ownnnns! If you need help with level 15 mage, add my IGNs.

    EDIT: Also the title of your blog says that Cazturi is a 15 fox. You might wanna change that to enchantress/warrior.
  2. Caztori's Avatar
    Nice to hear! I think I'm doing pretty well with my own experience from it Thanks, changed that! Didn't even know I had that title, lol