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Iím experiencing lag when playing Pocket Legends, what can I do?

A high ping is indicative of an unstable internet connection. First, try just playing 3G. If you don't have a problem, and you do with Wifi, try another internet connection (friends house, coffee shop, etc.) to isolate the problem. See this post for more information:

Why am I not get experience for killing monsters?

Youíll need to play in a campaign appropriate for your level. Forest Haven is for levels 1-10, Dark Forest is for levels 10-15, Balefort Castle is for levels 15-20, and so on.

Some guy just swindled me in a trade. Will you punish him and give me my stuff back?

We don't arbitrate trade disputes. The Confirm button is there to make sure you agree to what you are receiving in secure trade.

Iím not getting my verification email and I want to play! Can you help?

Some email providers block the verification email. Send an email from the email address you use to log in the game with to support(at)

I added my friend to the friends list and he/she's not showing up!

When you add a friend they have to accept the request from the Requests tab of the Friend Menu. This request can take a few moments to show up in some cases.

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