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About mage blood
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Mage Blood is a wealthy aristocrat who hailed from Grand Paradise island and currently resides in Shuyal Castle at Kelys city during his vacation period.

He hangs out frequently with his Rogue girlfriend and shops around auction store at Chancel of Light city.
You may chance upon this level 68 Sorcerer there whenever he is available.

He accepts random social conversation and friend requests from public.

He possesses an Arcane Weapon (level 66) , Arcane Belt (lvl 63) , Arcane Pendant (lvl 54) , Arcane Ring (lvl 41) , Arcane Artifact (lvl 30) and other extremely rare assets such as owning a Mythic gem , Paracelsus Soul Stone with particle effects.

He is decorated with extravagant various vanities on his cool outfit appearance including other rare vanities in his inventory and stash slots which he strove hard to acquire them during a series of special events organized by Arcane Legends.

The most interesting portion of Mage Blood sorcerer , he adores to chat and party with his buddies , grooving together towards lively pop music and disco ball lighting in his own Tavern house as well as in anyone's houses , and in Guild Hall.

Mage Blood's List of Current Goals to achieve :
~ Acquire a new Arcane ring level 71 Swamp Thing ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (IN PROGRESS)
~ Acquire a new *Festerfang location* for my Tavern house --------------------------------------------------------------- (IN PROGRESS)
~ Hit 200,000 kills of PvE Statistic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (IN PROGRESS)
~ Loot an *Arcane Shard* from Elite Arena Master's Chests --------------------------------------------------------------- (IN PROGRESS)
List of Future Goals to achieve:
~ Craft a *Nekro Egg* from Arcane Pet Nekro recipe ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PLANNED)
~ Acquire an *Imbalanced Scepter of Stability* mythic staff at Chancel of Light city -------------------------------------- (PLANNED)
~ Boost *Team Death Match (TDM)* stats to 1000 PVP kills ------------------------------------------------------------------ (PLANNED)
~ Boost *Capture The Flag (CTF)* stats to 1000 captured flags ------------------------------------------------------------- (PLANNED)
List of Grand Achievements (UPDATED -- August 2018) :
~ Acquired a *Shadow Mage* rarest Swimsuit Vanity after looting it from the gamble of Locked Swimsuit crates ------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Cryoworm Heart* Arcane Pendant by purchase via auction for 3,600,000 gold ---_------------------------------ (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Horrific Stick of Force* Arcane Staff by purchase via auction for 10,100,000 gold -------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Rentail Dragon Stone* Arcane Ring by purchase via auction for 6,500,000 gold ------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Venomous haste ring and band* Speed Set by purchase via auction for 2,800,000 gold ------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Tavern house* Deed by purchase via Trader Tetra for 1000 Platinums at Windmoore City ----------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Paracelsus Soul Stone* Mythic gem after reaching Platinum tier during the Halloween 2014 Event -------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Promoted from *Advocate* to *Lightbearer* rank in Chancel of Light city ------------------------------------------------ (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired an *Honored Order Badge* at Chancel of Light city for access to Mausoleum 3 and 4 ----------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a crafted *Mythic Ancient Planar Pendant* --------------------------------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a crafted *Boogie Trophy* after crafting specific ingredients during a Halloween event 2016 ------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Scorpion backpack* vanity during the Halloween Event 2016 -------------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Mummy Guard Armour* vanity with special bright blue spinning particle effect during the Goblin Event 2017 -- (COMPLETED)
List of Past Achievements (UPDATED) :
~ Acquired an *Arcane Deary* pet by purchase via Stable Store for 1000 Platinums ----------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired a *Proof of Balance* for Advocate rank at Chancel of Light city ---------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Promoted from *Acolyte* to *Advocate* rank in Chancel of Light city ---------------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired an *Encrusted Guardian* title after defeating Elite Cryostar in Forgotten Citadel at Underhul ------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired an *Infamous* title after reaching 15,000 APS ---------------------------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Reached an expected PvE Statistics of 100,000 PvE kills ---------------------------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired 3 Bosses achievement logos after defeating Misshapen , Umbral Mass and Eleres Magic Weaver in Level 1 to 3 Mausoleum ------ (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired 1 Mega Boss APS achievement logo after defeating Sorceress Voriyana in Level 4 Mausoleum ---------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
~ Acquired 1 Mega Boss APS achievement logo after defeating Lich Corvis in Level 5 Mausoleum ---------------------------------------------- (COMPLETED)
Hometown ~ Grand Paradise Island
Just Cause 3 , Arcane Legends , GTA 5 , Resident Evil 6 , The Last of Us (PC)


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