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  1. Preview: Level Up! Prince Levlar returns to get you ready for the expansion!

    Prince Levlar returns to get you expansion ready!

    With 81 levels of adventure, getting up to end-game is no easy feat! Luckily, I've heard rumors that Prince Levlar has been spotted around Arlor...
  2. Level 86 Expansion Teaser Part 2- a mini preview of "The Elder Woods!"


    Another denizen of the Elder Woods has passed through the veil! If you visit Windmoore Town this week, you may encounter Professor Fang and his imposing companion! If you deign to speak...
  3. Preview: Visit the Amethyst Atoll and Save the Slots!


    The Slot market is in jeopardy... and yes, YOU can save it. The Slot Crafting event will run for 1 week, 8/3 - 8/10, with a 3 day cooldown.

    How it Works


    Visit Baeren in...
  4. Preview 6/14/2023 | Goblin Event Week 2 + Zodias Catacombs Up Next!

    I hope your gear is solid and your antidotes are strong, Legends, because we're headed into Week 2 of the Goblin Event! Leaderboards will reset tomorrow at 1:30pm CT and new rewards will become...
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    Preview 5/31/2023 | Gear up for Goblins!

    Greetings, Legends! We're headed into Week 2 of the Forgotten Vanity event with these sales coming to the store:

    6/3 - 6/4
    Party Planner Priya's Set (for Rogues)
    Gold Juggernaut Set (for...
  6. Preview: Stronghold Siege Continues! Royal Lineage Aura in Store this Weekend

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, Legends! We’re headed straight into Week 2 of the Stronghold Siege event. The orc invasion hasn’t let up yet, and the Royals need your help.

    A big shoutout to...
  7. Preview 5/3/2023 | Week 2 of the Twilight Temple Event!

    I hope your fighting muscles aren’t tired yet, Legends. Week 2 of the Twilight Temple event is on the way!

    Remember, the leaderboards don’t reset in this event, so if you’re still aiming for the...
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    Preview 4/12/23 | More Egg-tastic Rewards!

    Welcome to Week 2 of the Arlorian Egg Hunt! Even if Arlor’s bunny isn’t bringing the prizes—we sure will! Week 2 comes with a point and leaderboard reset, and more rewards to collect across the...
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    Arcane Legends | Season 28 Results

    Arcane Legends | Season 28 Results

    Top Player: Nexpl - 66165 Achievement Points
    Top Rogues: Demon, Heat, Psycho - 65965 Achievement Points
    Top Sorcerer: Nexpl - 66165 Achievement Points
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    Bring on the Awakenings Extravaganza!

    Bring on the awakenings!


    Stock up on Awakening Gems during this special event! For one week (3/30-4/6), head to the store for a chance to snag all of the Awakening Gems your Legendary...
  11. Preview - It's Time to Smash! Arlorian Egg Hunt 2023


    I wouldn't normally recommend smashing eggs on purpose, but my one exception is...the Arlorian Egg Hunt! It's another year and another chance to kill the bad guys, smash the machines, find...
  12. Preview: Welcome to Week 2 in Elondria! + Egg Hunt First Looks

    Welcome to week 2, Legends! The fight for Elondria continues with a full Leaderboard reset and new rewards to collect. Here’s the low down!


    Top 25 will receive the Oeidice...
  13. Preview: NEW Equipment Slot + The Jeweler's Jeopardy

    The game is about to change--literally! With a brand new piece of equipment to collect and strategize with: The Bracelet. And, your first chance to fill this new equipment slot will be with a special...
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    Preview 2/8/2023 | More Love to Go Around

    Happy Wednesday, Legends! We’re headed into Week 2 of the Lovecrafting event, with a new chance to climb the leaderboards and collect unique rewards.

    Before we move to the thing to come, let’s...
  15. Preview - Valentine's Day 2023: The Heart of Hugthulu!


    Everyone could use a hug now and then, and none more than the legendary Hugthulu and Hugthulu Prime. They're back, but it's up to you if you'll accept their deadly embrace.

  16. Preview 1/25/2023 | You’re going to LOVE these new vanities.

    Greetings Legends, and Happy Wednesday! We hope you’re enjoying the Year of the Rabbit and the Lunar New Year event so far.

    As we head into week 2, don’t forget about the sale this weekend on the...
  17. Preview 1/11/2022 | Sneak Peek: Hopping into the Year of the Rabbit

    Greetings Legends, we’re rolling into Week 2 of the Awakenings event, but I wanted to share an exciting sneak peek for what’s next…

    We’re hopping into the year of the rabbit with the Lunar New...
  18. [Contest Winners] Hosting for the Holidays - A House Decorating Contest

    Happy new year, Legends! And thank you to everyone who participated in the holiday forum fun with their house parties, both intimate and wild. I'm happy to announce the winners for each category....
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    Arcane Legends | Season 27 Results

    Arcane Legends | Season 27 Results

    Top Players: Marroos, Psycho - 65565 Achievement Points
    Top Rogue: Psycho - 65565 Achievement Points
    Top Sorcerer: Ageratum - 65365 Achievement Points
  20. The contest is now closed!! Thank you all for...

    The contest is now closed!! Thank you all for your submissions. I’ll announce the winners soon! Keep an eye for a separate thread in Announcements.
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    Preview 12/28/2022 | Welcome to Week 3!

    Hello Legends! I hope you had a fun-filled holiday in and outside of Arlor. We’re headed into week 3 of the Winter Event with yet another Leaderboard refresh and new rewards to collect.

  22. Howdy! Friendly reminder to post your screenshots...

    Howdy! Friendly reminder to post your screenshots uncropped! <3 I'm going to remove a few posts that are not eligible, but please feel free to repost a new (uncropped) entry.
  23. Preview 12/21/2022 | Week 2 of the Winter Event - Happy Holidays!

    Greetings Legends! It's time for another week of winter fun as we head into Week 2 of the event! Remember, with each week comes a chance for new tier, leaderboard, and crate prizes. Here’s a rundown...
  24. Ineligible posts have been removed.

    Ineligible posts have been removed. <3 Thank you!
  25. Loving all of these entries so far! :D Just a...

    Loving all of these entries so far! :D Just a couple of reminders as far as eligibility for the prizes, including the participation prize. Please read the rules carefully! Remember:

    - You must...
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