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  1. This system runs forEVA! It is similar in...

    This system runs forEVA!

    It is similar in that it orbits the player, but it has a unique seed particle.

    Commons start off at level 10 and rise 10 levels every rarity upgrade, so Mythics...
  2. First of all thank you for the new pets :). I...

    First of all thank you for the new pets :).

    I don't think anyone is even going to bother to search for the "Lower Hauntlet". This is such an outdated dungeon/event and it will only result in even...
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    Clarify please, just a bit scared

    Hi sts,
    This past week or 2 there have been many bannings, notably very wealthy player. I just wanted to clear up some stuff, but I'm not talking about their bans. I just need a dev/mod to just...
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    Ping spike hit indonesian player

    Ping spike from yellow to bold red, mostly all the time, along many asian (indonesia) player, even with FINE connection. (have no problem playing, opening and browse another game or web). Please...
  5. We're starting to trim friends that have not been...

    We're starting to trim friends that have not been online for more than six months to increase database performance.
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    What did you do STS ?

    Excuse me, i just wanna say something about rogue.

    look that ss, my armor was 488 and now 413 ?
    First time you reduced our damage, and now you reduced 15% armor, maybe next time you will...
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    Rogue twinks are paper

    Im a level 7 rogue and i enjoyed twinking for the longest time,but after the armor nerf for rogues, Rgoues get swapped with warriors and mages
    which really made me a bit depressed the aa of swift...
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    STS i dont get it..

    Why do u ignore the innocent people and the botters r free? U unbanned some known botters and we, innocent errorly banned players, r still banned? Why.

    Odesláno z mého GT-I9505 pomocí Tapatalk
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    pls reply our support messages ASAP..pls

    the new update is now on.. we are so excited to play this game again but we are still banned....
    we are innocent...but what if sts really thought that we violated the this game...
    can you guys...
  10. Thread: 3/8/16 DCs

    by Darkquantum

    All this talk of getting a...

    All this talk of getting a treat/reward/compensated when we get back online with no one at sts confirming it has me terribly excited :)

    1 vote from me :)
  11. [HOTFIX] Double XP Event Reactivated and Extended Until 3/14

    + Reactivated Double XP for Characters and Pets
    + Double XP Event has been extended to Monday 3/14
  12. [Suggestion] Lv. 56 Elite Dungeon, Nordr Caves

    new expansion and levels are coming, max level will be 56 (+10 level) and a new dungeon should arrive.

    nordr caves dungeons systems like planar tombs systems

    there are nordr caves and a frozen...
  13. I vote for arcane chicken!146848

    I vote for arcane chicken!146848
  14. 1. Smurfs that grops clocks too early 2. Smurfs...

    1. Smurfs that grops clocks too early
    2. Smurfs that doesn't know how to simply flippin stun the daaaaaaaamn crab at elite palm.
    3. The rouge that keeps charging nox
    4. The rouges that does not...
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