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    im going to up 7,5m

    im going to up 7,5m
  2. B]lv10/20 mage armor||nox(armor) str/int type||lucky relic(armor) S] immo blade(v)

    takin offers for immo blade
  3. +++++ up ++++++

    +++++ up ++++++
  4. sell- op tox/frost artifact elf(dex) buy-lv10 warrior items/nox op awakes

    awakes :%50gl %4armor %2dex %10ms
    tox set %6dex 150+%3 armor %10ms %2 dodge
    rendtail ring : %3all stats +10all stats 150hp 2.5dodge
    leave ur details with ign
  5. buy lv10 pvp armor warrior / nox(str) armor / purple founder(v)

    elf aa %2dex %4armor %10ms %50gl
    rendtail %3 all stats +10all stats
    heroic breeze
  6. #online available

    #online available
  7. BUY ) Jewel Elixirs Finesse/Mind/Fury (need many)

    leave ur ign
  8. offline added as friend

    offline added as friend
  9. ign please ://

    ign please ://
  10. ign for info please. dam or crit?

    ign for info please. dam or crit?
  11. buy) frostbow, imbued set(r), tox, lv41dex belt, rend, arti

    tox +%4dex for each part,
    rend +%4 dex
    arc arti(dex) %dex,armor awakes

    sell) frost art(lv30) 30dex/20int
    50gl 10ms 2dex 4armor
    leave ur info with ign please
    or contact me in game :...
  12. thanks/ looking

    thanks/ looking
  13. buy) imbued set(r), frost/elond bow, rend(dex), tox(dex), lv41belt

    mire neck 40gl 125armor 10ms
    ign : playmakerlink
  14. samael 4m ign playmakerlink

    samael 4m ign playmakerlink
  15. sell frost elf %50gl %4armor %2dex %10ms

    sell frost elf %50gl %4armor %2dex %10ms
  16. ign please, up ++++

    ign please, up ++++
  17. available + up +

    available + up +
  18. sold for 3.5

    sold for 3.5
  19. s) altar,rendtail,frost aa, shenan b)imbued,frost bow, arc shog, tox neck

    sell )
    shenan vanity set
    rendtail ring, %3 all stats +10all stats 150health %2.5dodge
    altar neck(dex) %50gl 150armor
    mire neck(int) %40gl 125armor %10ms
    elondria sash of slayer %50gl 150armor...
  20. still searching

    still searching
  21. up ++++++++++

    up ++++++++++
  22. same as here yours?

    same as here yours?
  23. buy) frost bow(not vanity), arc shog sell) himing set, entangled bow

    himing set +450armor %6ms 50mana (c,o 4m)
    entangled bow %3dex 8all stats (3,5m in auc)

    leave ur offers for frost bow / arc shog (with ur ign please.)
  24. ign please ----

    ign please ----
  25. how can i add images on my posts / threads

    if someone can teach me :X
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