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  1. Updated on Angelic Gear and Beach Antenna Vanity

    We want to update everyone regarding the Angelic Loyalty Reward Gear and the Beach Antenna Vanity.

    Angelic Loyalty Reward Gear
    You may have seen the Angelic Loyalty Reward Armor, Weapons and...
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    Meet Gibber, Lead Designer for Star Legends

    Hi Star Legends! I’m Gibber and I am the designer heading up the new content for Star Legends. I’m a big sci-fi fan, a big gamer, and I’m really excited about some of the stuff we have in the works...
  3. Techno Email - Pocket Legends Lead Designer?!

    Surprise - it is true!! This is your pal, Techno Email, a.k.a. the fearless design lead of Pocket Legends. :tranquillity: I had so much fun with you guys in game over Mother's Day, and this Memorial...
  4. Coming Soon - New PvP Mode - Team Deathmatch!

    A New PvP Mode is Coming soon to Dark Legends - TEAM DEATHMATCH!

    This is no simple deathmatch, running around, slaying opponents and all that. Vampires play, with a twist! In Dark Legends Team...
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    The Isle of Humania is Overrun!

    The next expansion to Pocket Legends is coming – Humania!

    The Heroes of Alterra have pushed the monsters threatening the Elf Queen’s domain out further and further from the mainland. Left with...
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    "Fallen Angels" in sow recruiting!

    Fallen Angels guild is finally here in Dark Legends!
    We are the biggest guild in Pocket Legends with over 3000 members and growing
    Our goal is to be the biggest and the best guild in Dark Legends!...
  7. Ambassadors of Blackstar present: Lucky 7 Party (This Saturday!)


    Event Finished
    Congrats to our top 3 winners!

    #1 POPULAR
    #3 MYNISTA

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  8. Watch Out for Dark Legends Promo Codes on Gaming Websites!

    Some of you have noticed this little button, found in the Spacetime Nexus inside Dark Legends


    Spacetime Studios has partnered with a number of internet gaming websites to give out...
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    Sticky: Shortkeys for Dark Legends Chrome

    I figured it would help people who are playing on there computer using google chrome move around via the keyboard. So here are the controls if I missed any list them below. I am sure in the future it...
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    Plus if you wave after getting the White Rabbit...

    Plus if you wave after getting the White Rabbit Ears you can get White Bunny Ears, new thing this year.
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    Pocket Legends Spring Event ON NOW!

    Celebrate Spring in Pocket Legends!

    The Spring Chicken is in Forest haven to help celebrate the coming of spring. Speak to him about joining in the Spring Bunny Ears Hunt and visit the store for...
  12. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Pocket Legends with Bigger Luck!

    This Saturday, March 17, marks the annual celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Join in the celebration with your very own Bigger Luck vanity helm, available now through next week in the Store for 25...
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    Official Devs and Mods Profiles Place! :D

    Hello everyone !!
    Since more than 1 year, I've been hunting for devs, mods and for wonderful pictures I could make of them :-]

    I decided to make this guide to answer to the most asked questions...
  14. Coming Soon: New Game Client Features - New Video Ads (FREE PLAT) and Revenge

    We've submitted new game clients for both Pocket Legends and Star Legends to Apple for approval. Once they're approved, you'll see an update in the . There are some "behind the scene's" fixes in...
  15. Here are some links that you might find helpful...

    Here are some links that you might find helpful for taking and editing your screenshots for this contest.

    Submissions will be judged in part on the quality of your screenshots! If we can't make...
  16. Forum Contest - I Don't Always (X) But When I Do (Y), because of (Z)!

    I was brainstorming for the next forum contest when I stumbled across this thread: and a Dos Equis commercial had just played on...
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    I will post a question on Pocket Legends, Star...

    I will post a question on Pocket Legends, Star Legends, and Dark Legends. You can answer the question on all three to increase your chances of winning. If you win on Pocket Legends or Star Legends...
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    Guide: How to look like a pirate in PL


    Once again here is one of my "How to look like" guide! I have now decided to make a serie of "How to look like" guides and then add them all up into one beautiful Guide!...
  19. Free Antennas, 1/2 Off Premium Chars, Giveaways! We Celebrate Pocket Legends!

    It's a Party! To Celebrate Pocket Legends recent awards and positive press reviews, we're doing the following for the week from Feb 1st to Feb 8th.

    Log in from Feb 1 to Feb 7 for the following:
  20. Log in and Play and you could win a Phat Stack of Platinum! Now through Feb 7th.


    Spacetime Studios is celebrating the recent awards won by Star Legends: the Blackstar Chronicles and Pocket Legends by giving away ten (10) Platinum Packages of 165 to the game of your...
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    Delphina's next shift is Sunday (later today). I...

    Delphina's next shift is Sunday (later today). I think we will trim it to something like 30 or so. 10 would be pretty hard.
  22. This part of the contest has ended. Thank you all!

    This part of the contest has ended. Thank you all!
  23. Spacetime Studios Sires Vampire Themed Mobile and Desktop MMO: Dark Legends


    Third Legends Title Is Major Evolution in Casual and Avid Gameplay ...
  24. Mummy Loves You! - Submit your catchphrases for a chance to win free plat and Shield


    Thank you all for voting for your favorite mummy in this thread. Wraps was the winner!

    We are now moving on to the contest portion!
    I know everyone loves a chance at winning free...
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    Twitter Contest 12-27-2011 Results

    Tonight's question was: It's New Years Eve what is your characters resolution? (in 140 characters) ? GO!!

    We'd like to congratulate the following people for winning tonight's Twitter contest:
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